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Odometer (2nd hand VT250 Spada) - how much is too much?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jekyll, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Hi
    I'm leaning towards a Honda Spada for my first bike.

    There's one I'm looking at which is in pretty good condition and a friend of a friend is selling.

    I'm inclined to take it off him as I know through my friend he's trustworthy, but the odo says a clip over 50,000 - which seems a lot.

    The bike is otherwise in good condition

    My question is - how much does the odometer reading matter? Is this too high for me to be able to sell it again in a year or two once I've clocked another 10k or so on?

    thanks -
  2. actually, the most pertinent question is reall:

    assuming its in good general condition & nothing needs replacement anytime real soon, what's a good price?

    I was thinking around $2500 ? any thoughts?
  3. OK, so let's talk Japanese engineering and longevity.

    Assuming said Spada has been carefully and regularly serviced (service intervals for bikes are much more frequent than for cars, and more expensive), then 50,000 kms is not an issue in terms of the quality of its technology.

    Assuming it hasn't been thrown up the road a lot of times and not professionally repaired, 50,000 kms should not be an issue.

    Assuming you only do another 10,000 kms on it before you look to sell, and don't throw it up the road yourself (or get it prefessionally repaired if you do) the artifically high market for 250s should mean that the next buyer may well pay you as much as you paid the current seller.

    Now that's a lot of assumptions, but they ARE based on many people's experiences.....
  4. i know a guy in the UK who's done over 100.000 MILES on his 1998 honda hornet (same one he bought in 1998). As long as the engine is looked after then i wouldn't say 50,000kms is too much.
  5. thanks for the advice ..

    so do you reckon 2500 - 2600 is reasonable assuming all the above?
  6. Buyers, esp those inexperienced tend to use the odemetre reading as a
    buying factor.

    However, if you can verify that the bikes in good condition & well looked after,
    50k on the clock shouldnt be a factor.

    At the end of the day, when its time for you to sell it, some newb will take
    it off ya hands.

    $2500-600 is a reasonable askiing price taking into account the price range
    they are currently selling for. Thats all you gotta do to help you work out
    whether its a good sale price or not. :wink:

  7. $2000 max and get a compression test. If something goes wrong in a Spada engine you need a rebuild ($2500+) or to buy a new engine (~$1200), but you don't know what condition the replacement engine is in. Keep in mind that the engine may be fantastic, however the shocks and everything else have done 50,000kms.