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Ode to the truckies

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VFR750 IRYDE, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Truck drivers, like us riders, are all tarred with a bad reputation because of the much publicised actions of a few idiots among them.

    They spend more time on the road, and do more K's than just about anyone else and I find them to be among the very best drivers on the road. (yes, I am choosing to ignore a very small percentage and focus on the behaviour of the majority.)

    So I thought I'd write a little 'thankyou', pointing out some of the good things about the truck drivers I deal with on my daily tulla / ring road commute to work.

    Ode to the truckies:
    To my dear truckdriving friends,
    You don't know me, but you've seen me often.

    I'm small and nimble and able to appear and dissapear instantly.

    I just want to say thankyou for indicating for so long before you change lanes, unlike mums on the school run.

    Thankyou for looking so hard in your mirrors to make sure that I'm not there, unlike taxis and rusty V8s.

    Thankyou for securing your loads so well, unlike the ladders on top of little white tradesmans vans.

    Thankyou for accomodating me as I weave my way past. For understanding that I'm not coming through because I think I'm more important, but rather just because I can, and it makes sense to me at the time.

    Thankyou for your courtesy and for that little nod you sometimes give me when we make eye contact in your mirror, reasuring me that you've seen me and you'll look after me.

    Thankyou for tollerating the idiots who cut you off when you are braking, are impatient with you, and especially thankyou for putting up with my biker friends who don't always sit where they can best be seen.

    Thankyou for doing your job and enabling me to pull into a servo and expect to get fuel... or a supermarket and expect to get food.

    Thankyou for being the best drivers that I see on the road every day. In many ways probably better than me.

    I'll see you tomorrow. :)
  2. you'd be suprised at the amount of truckies that also ride :)
    i hate when people talk about truckies, and include under that title, the wankers who drive two and four tonne vans/trucks.
    im talking about the truckies who know what theyre doing, and can probably drive better than most of us, the semi's, b-doubles and triples etc.

  3. And thankyou for discussing 'candycars' and 'hairdryers' on UHF ch.40. ;)
  4. We also need to paid tribute for the long hours they work without much pay. Or how they put up with unfair schedules, or how little rest time they have been given before their next run. The list goes on. It's bad enough to go on the roads when you have to, but to do it for a living!!!!

    Shouldn't idiots drivers be banned because they cause unsafe working conditions for truckies. Any other work place would enforce high safety standards. When it becomes to cars, most CAGERS tend to "forgive" idiots who create dangerous conditions for truck drivers.
  5. I listened to a drug talk by a guy called Paul Dillon. His point was we need to look at the statistics differently. Yes 10% of teenagers use drugs, but 90% don't. So most teenagers are good.
    Your ode reminded me that over 90% of truckies and drivers do the right thing. +1 on your thought processes.
  6. Such a odd pair we are ... the large & nimble together as comrades :p
  7. but both persecuted.

  8. These people should be removed from the gene-pool. I mean, how bloody stupid can you get weaving into the space between a de-accelerating truck and the stationary car 50m in front of him and then expecting that he will be able to stop 60 tonnes of steel and cast iron in time? Especially when that stationary car is mine!

    Great post mate.
  9. those guys sure have a tough job....i make a point of giving way to them/waving them through when i can, even when i don't have to as it surely makes it easier for them....( god knows they have enough gears to get through when slowing, turning etc...)

    hell, so much of our economic life/economy relies on their freighting it for us...
  10. All too true.

    My old man is a truck driver and growing up it was always facinating watching him drive. I learnt a lot of good (and a couple not so good) driving techniques from him.

    Nibor, can't agree more about the oversized utes. Some of them are worse than taxi drivers.

    Also spending so much time on the road, they come across serious accidents a lot more. My dad was first on the scene to two fatalites in a matter of two weeks. A friend of his was also involved in a fatal crash that affected him so badly he took 6 months off. He wasn't back at work more than a month and he was involved in another one, neither his fault but he's been a mess since then.

    So yeah thanks to the truckies.
  11. A very recent experience of mine
    On the putty road in the very twisty bit come up behind a semi trailer and there was absolutely no chance of passing this truck (without crashing) and he pulls over for me. I waved as I passed as I thought of this thread.
  12. Commuting the Black Spur everyday, I have the (mis?)fortune of passing the logging trucks, both loaded and empty. Most of them are great and, as has already been mentioned, are considerate and thoughtful to the other road users. There are a few who have issues with everybody/everything (as is the same in all areas of life). All of them (when loaded) pull over in the slow-vehicle turnouts (shame the tourist car drivers don't do the same....tourist bike riders for that matter, too :roll: :evil: ). When unloaded, they seem to get a devil on their shoulder. They are fast, big and agro. I've seen them on the wrong side of the road ONLY when a bike rider is coming the other way. They complain of bikes speeding through there, when they are *easily* doing 95+ in many sections, they don't fit in the lanes through the top section, so cut things *really* close when you're coming the other way so they can maintain their momentum.

    I respect them (they're bigger than me) and am courteous, but it pisses me off when they pull over to abuse me when I have done nothing wrong just because I ride. Apart from the fact they should recognise me as being a local by now, I will be happy when the authorities decide they are a danger on the narrow, twisting road and should have to go down the Melba.

    Having said that. I feel safer behind/ in front of a truck as they tend to be aware of what's going on around them. Riding to Mildura a few weeks ago, I commented to Jay on how nice it was that the big trucks would move over as far left as they could go when coming in the opposite direction as they are obviously aware of how disruptive that big mass is to the air around a much smaller vehicle.
  13. :) Interesting post and as a current Tanker driver I would like to think that I was doing the best I can given the size of vehicle and the general conditions of our poorly maintained Highways.
    I quite often make the habit of talking to riders at servo`s in my travels and most are happy to say hi and discuss thier rides.
    I am a driver trainer with my company and have when riding seen some really poor examples out there and try to give them some friendly advice.
    It seems that most of the bad ones are iether late out of the depot or have been partying all the day before.
    I would suggest that if you do come across a really Bad example of truck driving you get the Prime mover registration (the trailer is irrelevant as it changes trucks day to day)and company name and pass it to the police to just make us all safer out there.I have much less room to pass these people than you do and it scares the crap outa me at times too.

    Stay upright
  14. Without truckies, this whole country grinds to a halt, and I agree they're some of the most awake and aware drivers on the road - whether this be due to chemical enhancements or simply the fact their vehicles are a challenge to drive.

    I treat them as friends on the road too. They're about 20 times more likely to give yo a thumbs-up for a wheelie as a car driver.
  15. Most of them are Professional in their outlook.
  16. I like truckies in general. They're big and slow and most recognise the fact that bikes can filter through and cause less of a traffic jam. Truckies are more aware of the road cause they're big. Bikers are more aware of the road cause they're small. Car drivers are usually just plain dopey.

    Coming back from Thailand, it was amazing to watch the cars/scooters/buses zipping in and out (yes I did include buses) of traffic and acknowledging each others' right to be on the road. It's a much more hostile environment here :?
  17. I'm from Thailand and find that roads here are just soo much more room and people move in that small room much more slowly..