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Odd things you've almost hit

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by AngieW, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Not sure if this is where it goes, but anyway :)

    The other night I was riding home from work [around 8pm or so], and I came over the crest of a hill... when all of a sudden there was a peacock on the road... at first my brain began to go "oh that's pretty... is that a peacock?" Then registered I needed to brake pretty hard... Slowed enough for it to run off the road. And YES, I checked my mirrors before braking.

    So I was just wondering what random things people have come across on the road- whether you've had a close call or actually hit something... Thought it would be a good place to see the unusual things that people see on their rides.

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  2. Hi Angie. Where have you been lately? Welcome back.

    Anyway, I hate truck tyre treds, and pedestrians, and my old school teacher (better stop now)........

    I bumped into a kangaroo, but that was in my car. I bumped into a tram too, didn't have the car then...
  3. I nearly hit a large goanna about a year ago. My wife and I were on separate bikes, and I was following her. We had to stop for some goats, and some emus, but the goanna came out of nowhere. It ran just in front of the missus bike, then decided it had done the wrong thing, turned around, and ran back, just missing my front tyre.
  4. Narrowly missed a black snake on Sunday afternoon on Highlands Rd between Seymour and Yea.
  5. A kayak that flew off the roof of somebodies Golf on the SE freeway. That was fun :mad:
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  6. Once, I was riding along minding my business

    When love came and hit me in the eye

    Flash, bam, alacazam,

    Out of the orange coloured sky
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  7. Thanks @petesul - picked up a lot of extra shifts at work... busy! :-(

    A kayak?! I would have been furious!

    And am giggling at "bumped into a tram" hahaha
  8. Angie you haven't got time for this. Get back in your kitchen!
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  9. A car ran over the top of a possum, all wheels missed it I was next in line and came to a stop within millimetres, he just looked up as if to say WHAT?
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  10. Some dude's foot that got lopped off when he went off road and made sweet love to a star picket.
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  11. I've almost hit a koala one night, the usual assortment of wombats and roo's running out.
    Actual hit was a kookaburra early one morning, tough bugger survived though injured, and told me off in a kookaburra noise way. Stroke of luck was a pedestrian walking by saw the kookaburra and me stopped with the bike, she worked for wires and took it away
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  12. Came around a blind corner and nailed a golden retriever dead centre. Nothing strange about that I suppose, though I kept is upright. "Strange" was the smell of the brown fluid that splashed all up the left side of the fairing and over my left boot as it took off at full speed.
    Took ages to scrub that off.
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  13. A very confused and surprised looking old man heading the wrong way up the freeway towards me about 6am.
    A massive tractor tyre that fell of the back of a truck, bouncing all over the place and 2 to 3 metres in the air.

  14. An esky lid from the back of a mate's ute - my chrome headlight surround then my helmet. I still say it hit me.

    A mate from school on another bike head-on, but in hindsight we shouldn't have been riding without helmets or lights on a moonless school night on a farm dirt road on someone else's bikes.

    A strand of fence wire between two trees at about neck height on a different farm.

    A snake, a few birds, a few bees, fireworks, a thrown bag of poo and assorted near misses with the wildlife you get on NSW country roads.

    A car that turned in front of me.

    A car that braked in front of me.

    A stick.

    Probably some other things I can't remember right now.
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  15. I've hit 4 roos and 2 wombats, lots of rabbits and a few smaller birds.

    An odd one was when a full sized wedge-tailed eagle took off right into my path on a predawn sweeper. I felt bad for days after hitting that magnificent bird, but swerving to avoid him was out of the question.
  16. An echidna, a sledge hammer and...coming over a crest onto the Westgate a three seater lounge.

  17. Was it male or female?

    I nearly got a female peacock on Saturday morning near Marysville.

    It was jumping from an embankment across the road to continue on down the hill on the other side.

    It was in a rush and was not stopping for anything, pretty funny to watch actually.
  18. Funny thread

    I think I posted in another thread recently that back in the 70s, and in the car, late one night on the Putty Road I ran into (but luckily did not HIT) a group of about 40 Afghan Hounds. They had escaped from an illegal stud farm nearby. Sadly some of them were in such poor condition that when the RSPCA rounded them up, they had to be put down.

    Oh, and just a few miles out of Wilberforce, also late one night, and in the car, 30 tons of pumpkins from a crashed truck....

    On the bike, a huge goanna, also on the Putty. Thankfully he decided to keep moving and not turn back, because at the speed I was going, I would not have had a chance to swerve.

  19. Male. It was quite pretty- I'm glad I didn't hit it!

    Also interesting to see how many people have come across random objects, and surprising to see how many people have lost things out of cars/trucks. Gives me so much faith in people's loading skills :p lol
  20. I've had both a deer and a badger apparently pass through the spokes of my front wheel, they were so close.

    And there was a wardrobe once. That was in my old Land Rover though, so I just kept the boot in and enjoyed the (quite spectacular) boom and explosion of splinters :D.
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