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Odd tank ventilation noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Gatti, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. I noticed my Ninja 250r making an odd noise when it was sitting in the garage. It is coming for the filler hole on the tank. Is it normal, or maybe a blocked ventilation tube or something? It sounds like it's sitting there pining to be ridden! :


  2. If noise coming from filler cap it's not sealing.... Still there shouldn't be that much resistance in the vent tube, check its not crimped or kinked under the fairing
  3. It's obvious...

    Your bike is haunted.
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  4. My R15 always does that, has since new. Whining to be ridden. I thought along the same lines as TRD2000, but have tried opening the filler cap and listening for any "foof" of released pressure, but I could never hear anything.
  5. Ninja 250r's always do this. It's a semi-faulty fuel breather and has happened to every NInja 250 2008-2011 inclusive.

    The first time it happened to me I was washing my bike first day I had her. She started what I thought was screaming and I thought it'd f*cked the bike up with water.

    Worst thing is the garage is next to the master bedroom. She 'cries' to me at night - the Mrs sighs when I call out to the bike and comfort her :p

    Even better at a meet of Ninja's and they're sitting there in the sun crying to eachother.

    EDIT - Just to confirm, this is nothing to worry about or worth even trying to fix.
  6. When ever anyone asked me why my old bike was singing I told them "That's the sound it makes before it explodes."

    Really, it's fine, don't stress.
  7. Mine did this, there is a fix where you use a drill to enlarge one of the breather holes.. It still did it though, just not as loud/often.
  8. Lol mine does exactly this too....
    oooohhhhooooooooaaaaaaaaa totally randomly.
    Sometimes when just walking past.
    It genuinely wants me to spread my thighs & ride...it's the ONLY explanation for the noise, she wants dem Km's
  9. On a ninja250r, It's a standard noise. as annoying as it is and sometimes worrying.
  10. Thanks guys.

    It looks like it's pretty normal for my bike.

    It's just letting me know I should be riding it!
  11. Emo bike sighs when not ridden.
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  12. Maybe that's why they called petrol "motor spirits" in the olden days ;-)
  13. Might be a Kwaka thing..the Zs do it sometimes too.
  14. Ninja 650 does it as well... :/ Must indeed be a Kwaka feature. ;)
  15. And while ridden too...