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odd question about boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by emsie, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    I have the most perfect fitting pair of Rossi boots. I could wear (and have worn) these things all day - walking, sitting, riding - and I feel like I wore runners all day. My only problem is that the boots are the ladies' ones without any real protection in them.

    My question is, is it possible to get protection *added* to boots by someone who makes custom boots or similar? I'd love to get some good protection added to the outside if I can, but I guess I have to be able to so do without compromising the construction of the boot (they're a pretty plain boot).

    If its not possible to get anything added to them to make them more protective, where does the ankle etc protection sit with those who've needed the protection? Is it just as important as wearing boots at all, or is it one of those take it or leave it type things about boots? I had a really hard time finding boots that actually fit (small foot, fat calf) so .. yeah .. I think I know the answer but sometimes you just never can tell :)

  2. bueller? :) guessing no one knows, or its not possible?
  3. Emsie, I reckon it would be far easier to buy boots with more protection than customise yours.

    I don't think that adding armour to them is feasible, and even if you could, your nicely worn in boots might then be uncomfortable and awkward. You could perhaps try some custom leathers manuafcturers as they would deal with armour and tailoring leathers, they might know a thing or two about boots.

    For the track, good shin and ankle protection are a must, if just to give me heaps more confidence. I guess it's personal, but for the road I'm happy with sturdy boots that can't be pulled from my feet in a stack.
  4. + 1 on what the above said.
    Usually it'll cost way more than buying another pair of boots, and/or it may alter the look of the boots so much it doesn't look like what you wanted in the first place. (If you care about that sorta stuff.)
  5. fair call :) thanks for the advice guys :)
  6. well i took one look at the rossis and said no..... simply because of the lack of protection. i'd rather the boot look ugly and save my feet that look great and do nothing.

    Alpinstars and Oxtars on on my list for purchases but thats mainly casue i am after MAX protection (especially ankle) rather than day to day wear. I'll just carry my normal shoes with me :)
  7. I pretty much have the rossis because I'm yet to find protective boots that fit my calves properly (ie if I can't do them up, they're doing little more than sneakers would). My rossis are better than nothing :)
  8. emsie, I read a very interesting article in a pommie mag about boots and protection. They concluded that there was little benefit from added armour over a good solid leather boot. The reason was that studies showed most injuries were caused by either abrasion, or by twisting of the ankle. They concluded that protection against shock at the ankle did nothing to protect it from twisting, and that was what did the damage. They did say that additional protection of the shin was very useful, as most injuries in that area are shock type. They said that the most important factor in choosing a boot was fit, a heavily armoured boot that was not tight at the ankle could actually make things worse. They recommended the type of boot with straps at the ankle that could be pulled tight.
  9. so someting that restricts ankle twisting would be good then??

    the boots ive been looking at are the full race boots and they have braces, hinges etc that alow "normal" movement but then restrict further movement.

    tried on a pair the other day but they were a little loose at the ankle
  10. Wasn't sure if i should start a new thread on a similar question.
    I want these boots but they are specifically deisgned for trials. will they give me the same kinda of protection for touring. Just looking for something a little more exciting than black leather uppers. Also anyone seen these for sale in a shop around Melbourne area? I usually see only Rossi, alpinestars and joe rockets.

    Still need some convincing to get race boots, suggestions to other boots are welcomed.
  11. I have had the same boots forever.

    I have never rolled my ankle in them (that I can recall), and I have managed that in sneakers with custom-fitted inserts (I have long, narrow, flat feet).

    I have no doubt that they will serve me well in a crash.
  12. try daytona boots (not sure on the exact modle) but i absolutely love mine! sooo comfortable. and they have the extra velcro bit at the back. i know wot its like trying to get boots to fit. especially if you have small feet.
  13. Yep Daytona Lady Star GPX, I've heard a number of girls swear by them.

    Judging by this website you are look at around $460 but a bit of hunting around should hopefully bring that down a bit.
  14. im.on.it they're a thin souled offroad boot. You'll probably find them quite heavy and cumbersome for a road bike. Doesn't hurt to try though. I believe RidersEdge in heidelberg stock Gaerne.
    Anyone wearing work or doc martin/GP style boots for riding is asking for an amputated foot. Normal boots are not designed for the abrasion and twisting encountered in a motorcycle crash.
    I never leave home without my Oxtar TCS.
  15. i think you want a boot thats gonna save your toes from get grounded off also something thats going to stop it from twisting the wrong way.
    My stack out near the launching place saved my ankles, they were a bit sore but no serious damage mind you it was a 80kmph crash.
  16. Thanks OutbreakMonkey, shall duck into Riders Edge on the w/e. I like your TCS's too and the Sidi Vertigo. Prefer something more subtle, but still offering good protection. I understand all the lumpy bits on the race boots are for protection, but they just look a bit over the top. Just have to get into the shops and try them on.