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VIC October not good for riders

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. MRA(Vic) sent out today:

  2. i would say that October coincides with the time when the summer riders start getting back into riding, and are a bit rusty, but thanks for the warning :)
  3. Absolutely correct - and this is why the release was made.

    We need to talk to each other about how dangerous the riding season is for those of us who haven't prepared themselves "psychologically".
  4. Two motorcyclists die on Victorian roads

    Posted Sun Oct 5, 2008 5:45pm AEDT

    Two motorcyclists died in separate accidents in Victoria on Sunday.

    A man died in the afternoon when he lost control of his motorbike, and went over a steep embankment at Kinglake, north east of Melbourne.

    Earlier, a 51-year-old man from Narre Warren died when his motorbike ran off the road and hit a guard rail near Yea, north of the capital.

  5. As usual - the media ignored our warning, yet again.

    Certainly proves that TAC are failing to keep the toll down.

    Last year it was 8 fatalities in Oct. So far we are barely into the month and its already up to three :( :(

    Guys - the only ones that help stop more deaths is by talking to each other about ways that we can adapt our riding styles to avoid getting into trouble.

    I just wonder how much a lack of adequate training had to do with these two accidents.
  6. +1 I tend to agree.
    Could it be these guys took advantage of the MotoGP weekend to spend a leisurely day hitting the twisties ?
    Quite sobering :cry:
  7. No, I think it had nothing to do with the Moto GP.

    Perfect weather yesterday. Start of the Riding Season. Older riders - lacking the skills to handle the corners......

    Sobering it may be - but, we riders are in a good position to talk to each other - to communicate to each other - so that we can help each other improve our skills - skills that are critical to keeping us out of trouble - like running wide on corners etc....
  8. stay safe everyone! i had a taxi u turn in front of me across double yellow lines yesterday. he apologised profusely. i just asked him to look twice next time.

    Octobers also been known to be bad for the stockmarket too :LOL:
  9. its a bit more than that as some riders are on roads that are beyond their expertise. Encountered a guy on the Kinglake St Andrews Rd who was obviously crapping himself (bolt upright, straight arms, really stiff, big line of cars behind him) and he should not have been there.

    We need something like the canoeists have for rivers to rate roads.
  10. I absolutely agree! - that's what I tried to do in a rough rushed post for new riders a week ago, dividing the roads into two stages (I didn't make the point very well) with the recommendation that riders stick to the first stage for a good while and build up there skills. But it would be great to get an introduction to our roads written up with newbies and less confident (as in skilled) riders especially in mind, rating the roads for their sake.
  11. How old are you John? Do you lack the skills to handle the corners?

    What a dumb assumption to make without knowing any facts. Time to change feet again. :roll:
  12. Actually John is correct as older riders who have come back to motorcycling after many years off a bike get back on to a high powered bike and are misrepresented in crash statistics.
    This isn't new news it's been statistically proven over the last couple of years.
  13. How old are you John? Do you lack the skills to handle the corners?

    What a dumb assumption to make without knowing any facts. Time to change feet again. :roll:-(/quote]

    Completely agree!!!!!
    John lacks skills orrite, but they have nothing to do with riding.

    Assumption is the mother of all fcuk ups.

    Maybe shit just happened

    But no one knows for sure.
  14. No Vic - its you who are wrong.

    We have done an analysis of Vic Roads Crashstats - and it has generated my assumption.

    Sorry to disappoint you - but, I am pretty sure I am on the right track!
  15. saw that. thought it was a good idea even if you only missed one of my good close to melbourne rides.
  16. Its very sad every time it happens. I rode out the kinglake road yesterday, and saw the road blocked off on the way home. When got I got home, I saw on the news where exactly it happened. There is no point in speculating what happened, except to say it is not a very good corner. Lots of things to be distracted by.
  17. Vic and myself are wrong for not assuming things about a rider who has passed away that we knew nothing about?? You never cease to amaze me.
    So you knew the guy who passed away? How do you know he wasn't an experienced rider of 30yrs on the road? I don't care what the stats are telling you 'in general', you are the one degrading this guy whom you know absolutely nothing about!

    Probably best you don't reply, as you seem to have an ability to just dig yourself deeper in sh#t every time you write something.

  18. Right Triway - best I not try to argue with someone who can't stand the thought of losing an argument :p :p :p
  19. Back on topic folks or the thread gets locked and cleaned.
  20. It is on topic.

    We are discussing the stats and John's inability to realise that stats alone don't automatically label dead people poorly skilled.

    We are all wrong and John is always right.


    Coz he's ridden a million kilometers always at a sedate pace?
    Coz he's old?
    Coz he's president of the MRAA?

    Maybe he's the perfect link to government because they know they can feed him crap and just because it is written it must be true. He can then come out and cry "these are the stats, you must believe us"

    Anyway, I've said enough. Oh and before I do sign off John, I'm not wrong :p