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October 22nd Ride to Rawson (Learner friendly)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by chicken78, Sep 11, 2011.

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  1. Rawson Ride –

    Meet points –
    (A) Elwood (where sat practice is held) – 8am for a 8.30 leave. Riders from this point will then leave for final meet point and start point for entire group.
    (8) Service Station on the corner of wellington/Stud Rd Rowville 9.30 meet for a 10am leave. There will be a briefing prior to starting, as well as lead rider/tecs pointed out, allow time for this.

    Please ensure you have a full tank of fuel from this point.

    Overnight riders – If anyone is missing of the list or you have decided not to ride TELL ME NOW!
    1) Chicken
    2) MelbourneMick
    3) Rusti (alternative acc)
    4) Pommydave(alternative acc)
    5) Strife (Camping)
    6) Grey BM
    7) Lizzie
    8) Quivoir/Mrs Quivoir
    9) Khakee
    10) Guardian Angel
    11) Kat rider
    11) Greydog
    12) Pezza
    13) Pezzas Dad
    14) Pezzas dads mate
    15) Gixr
    16) Bitstar
    17) Kernel
    18) Minglis
    19) Earlobe
    20) Rolkus
    21) Louey
    22) Ludey
    23) FUNKmonkey

    Day 1 – You will all receive a google “route map” which I will PM a link to you. I have scheduled regular stop intervals for breaks and re-grouping, the regroup stops are just that, waiting for all riders and immediately continue, be ready to go!. We will depart at 10am

    Accommodation is at mountain river lodge, bunkhouse, bedding is included however you will need to bring your own towel.

    Some of the more experienced riders may continue to baw baw etc.

    Dinner has been booked at the leadbeater bar & bistro 600m walk from the accommodation for 6.30 in pinnacle drive, rawson. Meals served are bistro menus prices are between $18-$27.00. I am endeavouring to secure a booking for Stockyard Bar & Grill which has a fantastic reputation, but waiting on confirmation of this. Stockyard is approximately a 850m walk.

    Day 2 – Return Trip

    8.30 meet at entrance of accommodation for a 8.45am leave. Breakfast will be available at bakery/café in town. Official start time 10am. This days ride will calculate to approx. 220klm calculated back to wellington rd/stud rd.

    As per Saturdays group ride, lead and TECS will be appointed. The route also allows for riders to turn off at different points to head for home, if you plan to do this please let the TEC know. Some extra points to note for the ride –

    - Secure luggage, packs, racks etc (and consider spare straps, occy strap)
    - Garbage bags and zip lock bags are great for putting items in for waterproofing or covering your pack from rain.
    - Check your bike before going, brakes, tyres, lights, indicators, levels, etc unsure? Ask!
    - Some of us will have tools, if you have tools that fit fairings, seats etc also a good idea.
    - Gaffa tape(race tape), zip ties, electrical tape for any emergency repairs.
    - Clothing – Layer up, and be prepared, although the forecast may look great, weather in the hills can be unpredictable.
    - Wet weather gear, spare gloves, visor cleaner, spare socks(sounding like school camp)
    - Keep drinking(WATER NOT BEER) during the ride and dress correctly ie stay warm. Dehydration and being cold will increase your rate of fatigue and decrease your ability to remain alert, focussed and safe.
    - Insect repellent, painkillers etc that you may require, even small first aid kits are ideal.
    - Licence, wallet, and also a good thing to copy a licence and insurance details and leave under the seat.
    - A pen and sheet of paper if you need to write to your mum.

    As per melbourne_mick request - Can I also ask people to write down or put in their phones their Insurers phone number, road side assist number etc. and keep it with them.

    Also have an quick read over your Insurance Policy to know what you are covered for.

    Option 2
    If you think your phone will survive and you are concerned about your privacy then can you all put the Emergency Contact Number under the name ICE in your phoness
    ICE = In Case of Emergency.
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  2. Excited in anticipation of this - I will PM and confirm myself as a definite as soon as I make sure I have enough spare cash.
  3. done and done.
  4. Sounds like fun
  5. on it like a fat kid on a Smartie
  6. Will confirm once I know when my replacement bike is arriving. I don't want to slow people down by forcing them to stick to walking pace and I'm not sure if I can walk that far in leathers and a helmet.
  7. ooh its on my birthday!

    which means i cant come, have fun guys
  8. Thats not excuse to pull out. I'll buy you a gimp outfit for your birthday :cheeky:
  9. PM sent, I'm in.
  10. Thanks guys, response has been great, support has been even greater, kudos to those who have offered assistance for support roles ie TEC etc
  11. Is anyone going in a support vehicle? Not offering to do so, just wondering whether there was one yet?
  12. LizzyM and I will be starters. First dibs on the double bed. Do you need a PM as well?

    Happy to support, TEC, mentor or roam through the pack...whatever helps.

    Chicken, I know the route posted in the other thread was only tentative and up for discussion, but I suggest on the way in we stay North of the Hwy rather than dipping down into Mirboo North. Will save quite a few kilometers and probably a good hour or so of time. Also the time saved may allow more people to go into Walhalla which is well worth a visit if the weather is good. And if the weather is bad we probably don't need the extra k's.

    We can go home via Mirboo North and South Gippsland like the route Holly suggested on the way home.

    I'd also suggest an official meet point further out. That way people who live in the east don't have to come all the way into St Kilda and then backtrack. If the servo at the corner of Stud and Wellington roads has re-opened that is a good location. People coming from near the city or the south can still meet at St Kilda for group ride to the meet point if need be. This also means people will refuel at the meet point and have more fuel at Rawson. People in the north or west can ride either go to St Kilda or ride straight to the meet point.

    We don't normally have a support vehicle. Not that there is any reason to stop one if someone wants to drive.
  13. I have the ute, this is a possibility I am toying with.. Hes only been driven twice this year so due for a run...My bestie has offered to drive(non motorcyclist) so it could be done.

    Be warned...The 2 of us = trouble :D

    If there is a need for this then ultimately its easily done.
  14. 2nd meet point, hows pakenham at the other usual meet point?
  15. Might be good to have along. Might be good for luggage, sleeping bags, etc. Maybe also some puncture repair kits and canisters.

    If any of the girls pack anything like my wife, they'll need someone to carry their 3 suitcases required for the overnight.
  16. Depends on the final route. As far as I recalled none of the routes being discussed went through Pakenham.

    I suggested Stud and Wellington Road as it is easy to get to from city, has fuel, is a common meet point that people may be familiar with and Wellington Road is a good route out for getting to Noojee. I can pm you a suggested route if you want but will need to work on it.

    Sure it would be great. But it won't happen on most rides so its a good idea is to learn to pack what you need. But again if someone want to do it then fine. Just don't gount on it.
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  17. Bruce also has a good route to Rawson as well .. you lot can nut it out together ,
    I've volunteered for some TEC duties , not that I've been riding for long ,
    but I've TEC'd bout 6 rides so far , fortuantly with no mishaps ....
    I'm happy to be a co TEC for someone with more experience :) ( some rotation of TEC/s is also good :p )
  18. I'm used to riding with a backpack permanently with work laptop etc so it doesn't phase me. Just thought it was nice seeing chicken mentioned her bestie may be keen to do the trip.
  19. Is it October yet?...........can't wait for this ride (y)
  20. Sorry posted this in the other thread as well but not sure which one you read most so will chuck here too and you can tell me where I should post from now on :)

    "Hmm, how would this go with a car following? The Mrs would love this but doesnt ride, and I cant carry a pillion. Plus she can carry stuff :)"
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