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Octane Booster for a CBR250RR?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. I am just curious on what can I expect if I decided to put octane booster into my bike?

  2. A lighter wallet.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. 91 model CBR250RR is designed to run on ULP

    Octane boost additive is only needed on really high compression engines like turbo cars to help stop detonation of the fuel when it is compressed.
  4. ive been told id be better of with a turbo charger or nitro boost. in my old cbr
  5. You can expect no change in top end power and a reduction in bottom end. There's no point putting it in. :)

    Regular ULP can be pretty shitty though. I find it's worth using 95 premium because even if it's getting old, it'll still be good in a bike designed for 91 (where's old regular is shit) and the premium fuels have cleaning agents in them. :)
  6. No wai! The bike wheel do wheelies in top gear. I know this cos my friends did it. He also did 100kmph in reverse, with NOS, and a stripper was pillion that he was dating at the time that he won of a bikey in an arm wrestle.

    But she wasn't squid... :cry:
  7. A Better WAy is to put jet fuel in it
  8. it's a 250!!
  9. Love the replies.

    What to expect??? Not much. It'll help clean out the fuel system if it's the fuel system cleaning octane boosting type of additive. Better off going for a tank of premium occasionally.

    Very basically, octane rating is a measure of the resistance to detonation.

    Now stay with me on this: The higher the rating, the more resistance to detonation and therefore the higher the engine compression that can be used (as a low rating will detonate before you want it too in a high compression engine). Therefore, the higher the engine compression, the more of the fuel that will be burnt and therefore the bigger the bang you can get from the dose of fuel... hence more power.

    You can boost the octane all you want, but it wont make much difference if you don't have the compression.

    There's more subtleties than that, but that's basically the guts of it.