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[Oct 3, 2016] The GC 'entrance ride' to meet NSW NR cousins ride (Carrara)

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by Valvoline, Sep 28, 2016.

The GC 'entrance ride' to meet NSW NR cousins ride
Start Date: Oct 3, 2016 07:00
End Date: Oct 3, 2016 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Brisbane +10:00 AEST

Zaraffas Nerang
85 Spencer Road
Carrara 4211

Posted By: Valvoline

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. #1 Valvoline, Sep 28, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2016
    There is a posse of three NR cousins riding from Sydney way to come visit the GC for a week.
    damedidamedi, inztigatorinztigator & HarbHarb.

    This ride will be to meet them on their arriving day of their journey and escort them back into the GC... I guess much like when geese ride in a V formation to egg on their mates, this is much the same. :)

    The idea is to meet them somewhere along their Monday 3rd October route and have a good time:

    Edited route

    Departure would be fairly early in the morning - 7am
    From Nerang Zaraffas 85 Spencer Rd, Carrara QLD 421

    Any Q's, get in touch with me. :)
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  2. babe
    half the post is gobbledygook to me
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  3. I have no idea why when ever I paste a google maps link, it gives the WHOLE address in a non-shortened version! :sour::arghh:

    If you can gime pointers how to get rid of this, I'd love to hear it!
  4. Hey Viv, try to shorten the link in google maps or use the link button on the tool bar. Spewing I couldn't make the trip this time but there will be a next time. Have fun guys
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  5. Thanks icemakericemaker ill have a go... But usually it's harder when you just using a phone ...
    And PS. Yes. You should have made this trip!! Still gotta take you to show you my 'hood, return the favour :)
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  6. Better now UG? ;)
  7. yes babe
  8. I'll likely come along - where you planning on meeting up with them and which way you thinking of going down?
  9. The reverse
    most logical will be to do the same route they're taking but in reverse order. Meet up at either a petrol station or when you see a posse of 3 tired looking riders! Lol

    Alternatively take and overnighter and ride with them from the morning :)
  10. sounds a plan - let me know when you finalise it
  11. My phone does that, instead of paste I use the clipboard option next to it, works then. On an Android anyway.

    Have a good ride, sad I had to miss this trip :(
  12. You and icemakericemaker gotta organize one up then ! ;)
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  13. So what's your plan then? Early or overnight? Can't do overnight. 25% of coming on a early start.

  14. No overnighter so early start Colonel ColemanColonel Coleman
    How early is what CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster would like really. Since I'm the one that's closest for this hehe

    Otherwise I was going out to be at the meeting place at 7am and go from there. Thinking a later breakky on the road.
  15. Anything from 4:30 onwards is a sleep in for me :)

    I will let you know.

  16. early is fine by me. let me know
  17. Ok peeps - update - the NSW boys are off and racing and well on their way to conquer Qld! :D

    So plan is still meet up at 7am at the GC departure and ride 'backwards' to meet them along the way - I estimate it is going to be about 1:30pm or late lunch about Casino.

    We'll be in touch as the day goes on. :) PM if you want more details