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[Oct 26, 2013] Learner Friendly Bright Trip (Mill Park)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Ned, Aug 1, 2013.

Learner Friendly Bright Trip
Start Date: Oct 26, 2013 08:00
End Date: Oct 28, 2013 16:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

398 Plenty Rd
Mill Park 3082

Posted By: Ned

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. #1 Ned, Aug 1, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2014
    Learner Friendly Bright Trip (y) :D:riding:

    By October the beautiful weather will be upon us once again, so I've booked a few cabins at Bright for another fun trip into the HighCountry.

    RIDE LEVEL: Touring 1 intermediate. Please see: https://netrider.net.au/threads/ride-level-ratings.159944/
    WHEN: Sat 26, Sun 27 and Mon 28 October 2013

    MEET: MacDonald's 398 Plenty Rd Mill Park, cnr University Dve. (Shell Servo next door, Caltex at 377 Plenty Rd)
    You don't need to fill up here, but must fill up at Yea (80km further) before the next fuel stop (160km) if you can't make 240km.

    TIME: 8-15am for 8-30am SHARP leave, please don't be late:)

    WHERE: Into the HighCountry!!
    ACCOMM: 2 nights at Bright in 2/3 bedroom cabins (linen and towels supplied).
    COST: $82 per person (covers both nights). Free Wi-Fi too(y)

    This 3 day trip is aimed at the newer riders amongst us who are confident they have the skills to safely ride in a group for 300-400km per day, on some of Victoria's greatest bike roads. Riding in the company of some of the more experienced riders, the itinerary allows for plenty of rest/re-group/photo opp's along the way:playful:

    This is a no-pressure type of ride where each rider maintains a pace that suits them, one at which they feel comfortable. We all want to get where we are going safely:D

    Places visited will be Mansfield, Falls Creek, Omeo, Dinner Plain, just to name a few and even a run up the winding road to Mt Buffalo Chalet if time permits. Ride will end with a coffee break/refuel at Healesville where we say our good-byes before going our own way.

    Corner marking and TEC (Tail-End Charlie) will be operating on this ride and TEC will be an experienced rider who is patient enough to allow the slowest rider all the time they need to get to where they're going. TEC should be carrying a puncture repair kit, basic tools and a 1st Aid kit, none of which we hope to need.

    All welcome.

    Offers for TEC much appreciated(y)

    ATTENDEES: Thankyou everyone for your payment

    -Guardian Angel PAID
    -Janoble PAID
    -Zol PAID
    -Chillidog PAID
    -Blueyy PAID
    -Lisa PAID
    -Bluebear69 PAID
    -Ned PAID
    -Traciv PAID
    -Cameronp PAID
    -Pilgrim PAID
    -NJG PAID (one night)
    -John0362 PAID (one night)

    RIDE IS FULL, NO MORE NAMES ARE BEING TAKEN. If you wish to go on a standby list in case someone pulls out, I am happy to do that.

    Amendments will be made to this opening post from time to time so please remember to check back here occasionally.

    Many thanks,
    Brad (NED) :peace:
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  2. Just approved this event Ned, you are a busy guy. ;)
  3. My SV wants in put me down Brad :)
  4. Cheers, thanks Chris. A few on the go now where hopefully there's something for everyone to enjoy. More to follow:D

    You and your SV are IN Ozzy, helping to make up the V-Twin contingent(y)
  5. She wants to be let loose so yeah mate for sure in in :)
  6. ALL learners should come its a great ride :)
  7. It sure will be a great ride Ozzy, Learners can attend knowing they're in for some awesome riding and fantastic scenery in the mountains. Not to mention that being part of a group makes it all the more fun.
  8. I would be keen to get in on this.
    Put me down as interested:)
  9. Sounds like a plan. Count me in.
  10. I'm interested as well, just need to check with the boss.
  11. Interest expressed.
  12. Welcome aboard Ludey(y) If you've never been up to these parts before, you're in for a treat.

    Not one to miss out on another great weekend away, the white Strommer will be there(y)

    Sure thing Chillidog, and I'm confident the boss will give the OK, will be great to have you along :)

    Been a long time Luke, I can almost feel your enthusiasm, I'll add all you keen participants to the list,

    Cheers :peace:
  13. #13 Blueyy, Aug 2, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2013
    Ohh I want to do this again so bad and I have an RDO on Monday so I don't even need to take leave... but I feel like I should let someone else experience how awesome it is.

    Grrr.. choices.. :confused:

    Put me down for a tentative yes... actually can I bring my brother too(riding my other bike)?
  14. Hey Blueyy, long time no see. What a great way to spend your RDO weekend, plenty of room on this trip so both you and your brother are welcome:) What's your brother's name? I'll put you on the list:playful:
  15. Matt, I'll send payment on Monday :D
  16. Cheers Blueyy, enjoy the weekend :peace:
  17. The boss can't wait to get me out of the house. I'm a definite.

    Please PM bank details.
  18. Gotta check a few things, but definitely interested! :D
  19. Great!! PM sent:cool:

    It's always a nice to have a Guardian Angel on the trip Alice, hoping you're able to make it:)
  20. Payment received for both you and Matt, thanks Blueyy. The day is ticking closer :playful: