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[Oct 18, 2014] Cranbourne GPRun 2014 (Victoria)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Wolve, Oct 1, 2014.

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    Start Date: Oct 18, 2014 08:00
    End Date: Oct 18, 2014 11:00
    Location: Corrner M420 and Childers Street Cranbourne, Victoria 3977

    This year, the Cranbourne GP Run celebrates its 16th year! At the energy filled family event, people gather to watch a celebrity wave-off and experience the excitement as thousands of motorcyclists travel en-masse to Phillip Island for the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.

    From 8.15 am there will be plenty of activities to keep the whole family enthralled with a variety of children’s activities, food stalls and entertainment. At 10 am, the pace picks up for the highlight of the day when Shane Jacobson waves off thousands of motorcyclists on their journey!


    Note - supported by Victoria Police. There is nothing to the spurious stories from the usual idiot. VicRoads inspection of the route is happening today to plan repairs and maintenance to ensure it is the best it can be on the day, as happens each year. The VMC is still looking for marshals to help on the day so if you want a free breaky, cap and badge for a couple of hours assistance in parking bikes please contact them!

  2. You didn't tell me I can have a free breakfast.

    Mushroom treatment again :shifty:
  3. Cap?

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing the spectacle and noise of 8000+ bikes, and the positive community turnout!
  4. I'm in.

    I'll be riding to the track, watching qualy which starts with the Moto3 at 1:30pm through to Moto2 qualy which finishes at 5pm.
    Then I'll be riding back to Melbourne. I don't plan on staying the night unless someone organises accom and has room.

    But if others are doing the same trip and want to go out for dinner and a drink in Cowes before heading back to Melb I will be in on that too.
  5. Can there be no pleasant surprises with you? lol, it's being provided by the Dandenong HOGs
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  6. Nah, I am just going to go to Cranbourne and then ride home, followed by hundreds of bikes...
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  7. Im keen. Done this the past 2 years. Was heaps of fun. Had lunch in Phillip Island then rode back.
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    PI to Cran, back to the island and then work. Fun day planed :)
  9. Not hundreds, thousands!
  10. True, depends on how far up in the que I am.
  11. My spies tell me the speed limit through Tooradin has been dropped to 60km/h so watch your speed going through there and not just during the ride either.

    Also the roadworks associated with the KooWeeRup bypass could make things interesting.
  12. Never seen any one slow at the by-pass(being 80), though it is a bit narrower.
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    Since nothing has been put in stone by anyone, I will organise a Netrider group.

    Will be a disaster in the making if we plan on meeting at Cranbourne so...

    For Saturday 18/10/14
    The pre-meet point is well know, 7-Eleven at Rowville. Crn Stud Rd and Wellington Rd.
    Meet 7:45am, Depart 8:15am sharp. Arrive in Cranbourne at 8:30am ish.
    Parking spot will have to be decided on the day. Will get as close to the front as possible for any of those who wish to stop during the ride to PI to watch bikes go past.

    Gives us an hour and a half to look around at the stalls and activities going on. Chit chat and have a look at all the other bikes too.

    The official event ride to Phillip Island will leave at 10:00am so be back at your bikes by this time if we have split up.

    Google maps says it is 114km's to Cowes from Rowville so a tank of petrol should get everyone to PI and back again. But with the slower traffic and possibly stationary at times, we will stop early on the way back at a petrol station. Will be less bikes. Unless someone is critical and needs a top up, earlier stop is fine.
    It also says travel time is 1hr 25mins but obviously that will be closer to 2hrs - 2hrs 30mins.

    I personally plan on going to the track to watch qualifying all day. Others may only be riding some of the way, or all the way to PI then back again to Melbourne.

    Re-group point in PI.
    Undoubtedly we will get split up so we need a re-group meeting point and the best option looks like the Crn of Phillip Island Rd and Samuel Amess Dr. It is 1.6km from crossing over the bridge into PI.
    The picture shows the direction we will be coming from but I chose to put the marker that side so you can see what sign to look for. Park on the grass there. Hopefully this is not blocked or taken up by other riders. If it is blocked off, then just meet at the track and call me. I will provide my mobile number on the day to those who will need it.
    From this meet point, depending if the road is friendly to motorbikers and lane filtering/splitting is in use, we will go straight to the track along Phillip Island Rd & Back Beach Rd. If we have to line up with the cars, we will go towards Cowes, to the west side of the island, back down and come into the track from the west side.

    I used to stay in Ventnor for the V8's and Motogp and the line in was always much shorter than the east side.

    General Admission Tickets:

    Booking online will cost $81.37 and I would imagine a much smaller queue to collect pre-purchased tickets.
    Tickets at the gates are $75. (Remember, all those thousands of bikes riding to PI with you are arriving at the same time as you. Massive queues?)

    Given we would arrive at the track around, massive guess-timation here, 12pm-12:30pm? should hopefully be enough time to find a place to settle down at the trackside before Moto3 Qualy starts.

    1335 - 1415 MOTO3™ QUALIFYING (40 mins.)
    1430 – 1500
    MOTOGP™ FREE PRACTICE 4 (30 mins.)
    1510 – 1525
    MOTOGP™ QUALIFYING 1 (15 mins.)
    1535 - 1550
    MOTOGP™ QUALIFYING 2 (15 mins.)
    1605 - 1650
    MOTO2™ QUALIFYING (45 mins.)
    1705 - 1735 DUCATI TWO-SEATER SESSION 3 (30 mins.)
    1740 - 1750 HONDA JUNIOR GP CHALLENGE (10 mins.)
    1900 GATES CLOSE

    Now I am happy to leave at 5pm when Moto2 finishes qualy. But if others want to stay another hour to the end (17:50), that's cool. Will sort it out then and there.

    Sitting Location:

    Open to suggestions but my recommendation is just to the bass straight side of Siberia Stand. It's on a hill, and you can see them from Turn 1 all the way to Turn 6. Great view point.

    2 options.
    1. Jump on the bikes and head home.
    2. Jump on the bikes, head into Cowes for dinner/drinks then home.
    Option 2 would most likely mean we will be riding home in the dark for most of it. Option 1 I'd say would be getting dark around or close to South East suburbs of Melb.
    Sunset: 7:40pm.

    P.S. Open to suggestions to ammend any of this.
    P.S.S. I had better not written all this and no one comes !
    P.S.S.S. Let me and everyone know below if you are in so we can get an idea of numbers
    P.S.S.S.S. Weather Forecast for Saturday, 25 degrees and Sunny.
    P.S.S.S.S.S. Take something to put under your stand at the track. I'm guessing we will be parking on grass, perhaps soft grass.
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  14. Nice write up.

    Happy to see if I can find you in the mix at Cranbourne some where.

    Travel times are about right, going to be so nice with the Anderson by-pass, if you wanted to take a pic or film of a sea of riders.

    With option 2, expect wait times as it is going to be flat out, unless you get in early. Also there is normally a stage set up in Cowes with entertainment of some sort, music and some riders.
  15. I'm in :)
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  16. I plan to be there, dressed to match my 'L' plate.
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  17. Yeah I kind of rambled and then it all made sense.
    I could only imagine the chaos in Cowes after the event but that adds to the atmosphere! ;)
  18. Been there for years lots changed over time.. Still lots of fun had.
  19. G'day, I've just joined Netrider forums but will be doing the same thing with a couple of others if u want to meet up for the ride up and back? It's a long way to do a u turn lol but the atmosphere is great.