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[Oct 18, 2013] Fa1c0n's Friday night BBQ Ride (Mordialloc)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Fa1c0n, Oct 10, 2013.

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  1. #1 Fa1c0n, Oct 10, 2013
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2013
    WELCOME TO Fa1c0n's Friday night BBQ Ride!
    - Not a learners ride.
    - Friendly/Social ride.
    - We will be getting dinner, delicious burgers.
    - Group can decide ride otherwise I will come up with something.

    As per or discussion I think we should have a Friday night ride down here in South/East/South-east Victoria.

    We will be leaving from Pier Rd Carpark in Mordialloc, located here: http://goo.gl/maps/gBfrR

    It should also include a trip to Big Boy BBQ in Caulfield South.

    Up to Caulfield South for dinner, from here we can have a chat about where to go - Might be fun to do a night run up Arthur's seat or something, shoot down the Nepean or something.

    This is a friendly/social group ride, all experienced riders are welcome! If it goes well it can become a regular run.

    I am happy to lead the ride or mark corners, but take no responsibility for your safety on the ride. It is important that you only ride with in your comfort zone and make intelligent and safe decisions.
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  2. I may be in depending on time! I'm busy till about 7.30 - 7.45pm but can join in from Cheltenham ( just of the Highway).

    What time do you expect to be passing Southland?


  3. There is a good chance that we will still be at Big Boy BBQ at this time. You could meet us there?
    The place gets busy and if I'm eating with people I have not met before I am not sure how rapidly they eat, it's hard to say what time we will be going past Cheltenham, but probs like 8ish?
  4. If you don't mind I'll mention this ride to my sister. She has just got back on to a bike (FZR600). Her last bike was a VTR1000.
  5. That is fine!
    Make sure either you RSVP for her, or she does.
  6. I just got of the phone with her, she's babysitter her granddaughter Friday night, so she'll be a no go.

    Val doesn't 'do forums', but she asked me to keep an eye on any up coming rides. Since getting her (new for her) bike she's been riding by herself doing day trips up around the place and up to Bendigo to see our brother.

  7. Sure thing, no problems.
    I am sure we will do another friday night ride, maybe even next week.
    Not much interest yet though.
  8. that's a shame. I would have thought that at this time of year in Melbourne a evening twilight ride would be ideal.

    I avoid being on the roads up here at twilight - that's when the beasties are at their worst - bastards.
  9. Id come, but I think you guys would spend most of ya time trying to lose me on my scooter :)
  10. What do you mean "trying" :p

  11. thanks for that, explains why you got the threade I started in Scooters, for scooter riders locked, I started that thread looking for people who ride scooters, but you obviuosly took as a way of attacking my choice of transport, what a bunch of fuken snobs. Stick ya site and stick you false friendship.
  12. Woah.
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  13. Mate, if you joke around and say things like "you guys would just try to lose me on my scooter" expect other people to participate in your joke.
    I was being friendly and going along with you...
    This is the second outburst you have had now, relax a bit.

    Further more, what the fcuk makes you think I had anything to do with your thread being locked.
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  14. Ikr....
  15. Considering we do not have the required number of riders yet, it is looking like this will not go ahead this week. Perhaps next week.

    If anyone is considering coming or not, please RSVP before 4pm tonight.
  16. Nobody wants to ride with a girl's bike eh?

  17. Correct!

  18. Get over yourself bloke. Falcon was kidding, he even said so. You do understand what 'kidding' is. You do understand that friends often take the piss out of each other.

    Tell you what, pop over to netrider or Two Wheels they're much friendlier than we are.
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  19. I like you @b12mick..... :p
  20. Ok not riding tonight.


    Ps. I will respect Scooter riders when they stop riding in hi:devil:gh heels, thongs, sandles, bare feet, dresses, shorts, singlets, suits, jumpers, t'shirts, topless, no gloves, helmets that are not legal and finally in the bicycle lanes at 50 kph!
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