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[Oct 16, 2015] Pramac Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix (Phillip Island, VIC)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Mouth, Sep 13, 2015.

Pramac Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix
Start Date: Oct 16, 2015 11:00
End Date: Oct 18, 2015 19:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
Back Beach Rd
Phillip Island, VIC 3922

Posted By: Mouth

Confirmed Attendees: 0
You can not RSVP for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
  1. backdrop. World class athletes race against gravity where mates now unite at the track and on the journey that leads them there. The 2015 Pramac Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix is a pilgrimage to the place motorcycles belong. This is Motorcycle Racing's Best Address.

    Getting to Phillip Island has never been easier. So grab your mates and get organised. Wherever you’re travelling from, we have packages made just for you. Pitch a tent, rent a house or take the ‘no brainer’ option with a coach transfer from Fed square. Also, depending on how you like to take in the action there are a range of tickets too. General admission lets you roam free, soaking up the atmosphere. Grandstand ensures a good spot and an awesome view. Or if you fancy meeting some motorcycle legends and getting behind the scenes, check out our VIP tickets.

    If you love bikes, you know you’re up for this. Come home to the Island.

    Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix
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  2. Great day for a ride today, went up to Meadows, great spin through the hills. I love to other riders out and about enjoying the day. I am not sure what this site means when it says I need 3 posts to add links??
  3. Astonishing race, arguably the race of the decade, and certainly the pass of the decade by Crazy Joe...
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  4. Yes all three classes were great and close fought but the MotoGP was epic.
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  5. If you only watch one race this year that's the one!
    What a cracking race!!!!!
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  6. Definitely the best race I've seen in many years. Had me on the edge of the seat right from the first lap. Good to see the action in the other classes too -- the future of MotoGP looks bright.
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  7. Sadly I could not be there but watching the online stream was the next best thing. Not the same atmosphere but get to see the entire race at the front and replays of the action on demand. (Not always sure about the continuous commentary) Bad luck for Danny Kent but it has prolonged the suspense just as Rossi and Lorenzo's battle continues on to the end. All 3 races totally exciting.
  8. Couldn't agree more. Moto 3 was a great race and what a spectacular multiple rider spill that highsided Kent, glad they are all ok! Moto 2 was good but not gripping, and as for the main event. Well WOW! Breathtaking and respect to all of the top 4 who took it to each other the whole race wiothout any dumb or selfish moves - just riding excellence right on the edge!! Was backing Rossi but he just didn't have the legs on the straight did he? Work hard all lap and get to 3rd, even 2nd, and then watching Marquez and mainly Iannone come flying past must be pretty hard to take lap after lap.

    Did I mention EXCELLENT!!

    CSS next year for sure.
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  9. Speaking as a one-eyed Iannone fan, to see him mixing it with, and beating, the 'Aliens' was pretty exciting; is he now one of the 'Aliens"???
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  10. Yes Ducati have had it tough for too long. Good to see Iannone getting them back into it. Good to see Honda don't have it all their own way anymore. 4 top riders all on different bikes mixing it up was great.
  11. Interesting, of course, it's probably a totally different machine, but Crazy Joe seems to have come to grips with it better than Rossi did with the Ducatis he had to ride..
    I haven't heard any "well it had a lot more horsepower, that's why he finished third" commentary yet, but he was pretty able to keep up in the corners too, otherwise he wouldn't have been in the position to pull off that monstrous pass, and finish third.....
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  12. That was some pass wasn't it...
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  13. It is a combination of things. Some bikes suit some riders and some never do. Stoner did it once for Ducati then couldn't get it to work again and Rossi was never matched to the Duke. Even now Rossi and Lorenzo are on the same bike but Rossi is taller and heavier so getting the right setting is the trick. Pedrosa is light and seems to be able to work the Honda once the fuel load drops down where as Marquez just goes for it and so far has generally got away with it.
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  14. And btw, he did so bloody well just to stay on the bike and only lose 1 position when that seagull hit him coming off Lukey Heights! Jeez off the front cowl and up into his helmet, top marks for quick recovery! Did you see the cowl after the race, had a fist sized hole punched into it!
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  15. Was down there at MG when the seagull got KO'ed.
    Saw a puff of feathers floating there for a good 5 seconds after the group went through..

    Epic pass by Iannone, deserved a podium for that alone.
    No idea why Dovi was MIA from the leading groups.

    Crazy racing, hope they keep this up for the last two races.
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  16. I was marshalling at 8.8Left. Spectacular view of the bikes coming out Siberia through Hayshed and then onto Lukey Heights. =D So many ballsy passes through turns 8 and 9 - and everyone left just enough racing room because without it there would have been the mother of all accidents at Lukey Heights.

    Oh, and how did I get such a priveliged position? A mate sent me the forms, I filled them out and sent them in...no previous experience is required. If you love motorcycle racing, you can't beat the view that a marshall has, plus YOU are actually helping run the event. Camping accomodation is free, lunches are provided, on the job training is given and the rest of the marshalls help you get settled into your job for the weekend. Plus there is also a great cameraderie among the Race Officals. Seriously, I cannot recommend being a race marshall enough.

    I will be trying to get down to the Island Classic in January to do some more marshalling. I can't make the World Supers in Feb because of work...:-(
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  17. And let's not forget about Gavin the Seagull, who died doing what he loved!
    Here's a tribute :)
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  18. Seagull count-

    2014 lorenzo 1
    2015 Iannone 1
    Who will it be next year....?
  19. I asked the marshall that had to go and retrieve 'Gavin' off the racing line if he was going to have it stuffed. His reply 'nah mate, he was well and truly stuffed by the time I got to him...'
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