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NSW [Oct 15, 2016] Night ride Tonight, Saturday 15/10 (Engadine, NSW)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Harb, Oct 15, 2016.

Night ride Tonight, Saturday 15/10
Start Date: Oct 15, 2016 19:00
End Date: Oct 16, 2016 01:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

McDonalds Engadine
Cnr Princes Highway & Mianga Avenue, Engadine NSW 2233
Engadine, NSW 2233

Posted By: Harb

Confirmed Attendees: 1
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  1. The weather is looking beautiful and the nights are above freezing temp at long last. So who wants to join me on a ride tonight. I will be at McDonalds Engadine from around 7pm for an 8pm fuelled departure. There is a BP around the corner.

    The general route will be through the national park from Farnell Ave down to Fairy Meadows or thereabouts. The Maccas down there is 24/7, if there is interest in a nicer location for a midnight snack or coffee I'm open to suggestions. We'll stop once along the way. Everything else is up to general consensus when meeting.

    L/P friendly as long as you can safely negotiate national park type roads at or around the speed limit or advisory signs. If unsure, PM me. Be sure to bring some warm gear as it can still get quite chilly.

    Achtung: Er6n's do not have an auto-rotating star integrated into the headlight assembly.

    HillsyHillsy Spart106Spart106 for your interest in the previous thread.
  2. I look forward to it! Are we eating before or after the run or both?
  3. See you there Ant
  4. Can do both if you want mate. We'll likely be staying down south at our stop for a little while to warm up in any case. Feel free to google some more interesting places to get a bite and we can stop there if open.
  5. One of my fork seals is weeping a bit, im getting it checked out on the way home from work to make sure I am good to ride tonight :)
  6. Humber may have coffee to 12am, and Heyday may have food and coffee to 3am (is a "lounge bar" so may have dress code?)
    Litani's closes earlier.. not sure about the places in Globe lane.

    Mr Crown is also open to 3am

    Can't vouch for any of these places but...
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  7. I'll probably grab something in Newtown before hand.
  8. Hey guys, after work I just checked my fork seal, it had oil around it and on the rim, cleaned it off and rode home and its all come back. See photos atached, is that now "unsafe to ride", I just put a warrenty claim in at the dealer.

    Attached Files:

  9. I am considering zip tieing a cloth to the bottom of the fork to absorb the oil so I can come tonight. Good or bad idea?
  10. That's weeping a fair amount there if it got to that stage in just a few hours. I have a seal cleaning tool which sometimes helps if there is some dirt stuck in there. Can bring that with me if you decide to join.

    If it's just started it will be a matter of a few mL of oil difference and there is no real pressure at the seal. You could probably get away with it for a shortish ride if you're aware of the issue and don't ask too much of the suspension.

    Lord knows I've done worse, but the onus is on you and it may not be the best idea considering you're quite new to riding.

    oldcorollasoldcorollas thanks for the suggestions mate, I'll keep them in mind. Nothing like local knowledge. You should join us on a ride down your way - we're there often enough. What are you riding now?
  11. I am considering zip tieing a cloth to the bottom of the fork to absorb the oil so I can come tonight. Good or bad idea?

    The oil didnt leak onto the rim after the ride home... hmm I want to ride hahaha
  12. No oil should leak onto the brakes or tyres while moving, maybe while stopped. If its all clear before you leave I can get a better look at the meet point and go from there. A cloth would do more bad than good.

    Don't do something you feel you might regret though, there will be more rides.
  13. I just cleaned up the fork, after ride home no oil on rim, so It didnt leak more and those photos are juat something I didnt clean. Just went for a ride after I cleaned it up, did some ebrakes, wheelies and was total 25 mins and all clear. Ill be there tonight at 7pm at the maccas :).
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  14. Are we exchanging numbers? I have a bluetooh headset for helmet :)
  15. Thanks for the ride tonight gents. We should be seeing similar in the near future.
  16. Thanks Harb and Spart106, good fun.
  17. Thanks for the ride and the mentoring!! I had a great time.

    I also got caught out like a chump when my gear shift linkage unthreaded and I didnt have the tool to fix it as it wasnt included, so I just rebuilt my bikes tool kit so I know I have what I need.
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  18. Bugger, clearly I need to log on more often.... I'll be in next time
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  19. just on the shitbox still. i should join ya on a mew bike :p
    should have offered before, if you ever need tools and stuff going thru the gong, lemme know
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