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[Oct 10, 2015] Blessing of the bikes (Mirboo North, VIC)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by cruisin4abruisin, Jun 26, 2015.

Blessing of the bikes
Start Date: Oct 10, 2015 09:00
End Date: Oct 10, 2015 15:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +11:00 AEDT

Inline 4 Cafe
96 Ridgeway
Mirboo North, VIC 3871

Posted By: cruisin4abruisin

Confirmed Attendees: 5
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  1. Come on down to South Gippsland for the blessing of the bikes at the Inline 4 Cafe. A specialist motorcycle cafe in Mirboo North. This promises to be a great day. So come along and be a part of such a great motorcycling event.

    On Saturday October 10th this year we will be putting on the 2nd Inline 4 Cafe Blessing of the bikes 2015 event and we would love you and your mates to ride to Mirboo North and join us for a great day. There will be thousands of bikes, tons of fabulous food, lots of interesting stalls, live music and of course the blessing itself.


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  2. My friend John organises this so he is expecting me to be there - I have been told! ha ha ha
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  3. Nice . Marcel that owns the cafe said he expects to see me there.
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  4. Please post closer to the time so I remember.

    I'll try to attend for sure.
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  5. We'll have to organise a couple of NR feeders to get there. Maybe link up around Pakenham.
    Plenty of other clubs will organise rides down there that morning so there will be plenty to follow.
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  6. Looking into this more - appears to be an Aussie Sturgis....

    I'm frothing a little.
    Pinged some buddies.
    Might try to make it an overnighter.

    Thanks for posting this cruisin4abruisincruisin4abruisin
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  7. Don't forget, it's the week before MotoGP at the island.
  8. Bugger, that's Bathurst weekend. I'll be away.
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  9. Would like to be in that!
  10. Last year was huge. The local constabulary basically threw their hands up in the air by the time it came to the blessing. There were so many coffee makers going that it overloaded the grid and the whole street was blacked out, eventually a generator was set up after about half a hour.
    If you want to go make shore you get there real early so you might be able to at least park on the main drag.
    For those of you that haven't been up that way the run from any direction to Mirboo North will be brilliant. There is a permanent road hazard on the Trafalgar - Thorpdale road, about 5.5-6ks out of Trafalgar is a section of road that drops to 40kph the bend straight after this turns to gravel for about 40 metres.
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  11. I've heard this year that only Triumphs will be blessed.
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  12. Would be good to get a contingent from NSW to go. Perhaps with an overnighter at Bombala or Delegate. Any takers?
  13. I'm religious in my Atheism so there 'aint gunna be any blessing for me.....
    The spectacle on the other hand? Game on.

    "Thanks be to Dog"
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  14. Dear Lord, may their Stators be wound tight, Amen! :angelic:
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  15. Well my better half seems to have accepted the fact that I am going. Cant wait, its gunna be unbloodyreal!
  16. Okay, just a reminder folks, getting closer, Marcel says he is watching this thread, I am hoping i havent sold my bike by then! Hee Hee, then Ill have to go!
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  17. Anyone else getting keen out there?
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  18. Yeah, pretty sure I'll make this, only 40 mins up the road too!
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  19. Didn't even know about this, be a great day ride. Yup yup yup im in.
    Be heading from Lakes Entrance if anyone wants to cruise down.
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