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Featured QLD [Oct 1, 2016] Newbie and Learner Tag Along (Murrarie)

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Colonel Coleman, Sep 28, 2016.

Newbie and Learner Tag Along
Start Date: Oct 1, 2016 08:00
End Date: Oct 1, 2016 14:00
Time Zone: Asia/Vladivostok +10:00 VLAT

Woolworths Service Station
Wynnum Road

Posted By: Colonel Coleman

Confirmed Attendees: 4
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  1. At the risk of creating a monster, I am prepared to do a newbie and learner tag along ride this Saturday morning.

    I am Bayside, so I suggest to meet at the Woolworths servo in Wynnum Road Cannon Hill. There is a Pie shop and fuel/regular servo fare. From there I thought a cross town and up Mt Cootha from the back to the rotunda at the top for a chat and a lookout.

    Descend the straight way, around the back of Bardon to The Gap and traverse Mt Nebo to Mt Glorious Cafe for a bite and chat. Return via Mt Nebo to the city and Southside.

    If you need collecting, let me know. If you have experience and want to tag along and maybe pass some on you are most welcome.

    The entire ride will be conducted at or under all posted speed limits. The focus is on new riders becoming comfortable and getting a taste of what there is out there to be enjoyed.

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  2. suzannesuzanne, you may be interested i this :)
  3. Colonel ColemanColonel Coleman - random Q - would you know how to delete a future event? I"m going to move the Standing Stones one so it doesn't clash with the MotoGPP viewing! lol
  4. I think you may need to ask a moderator.

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  5. Seems I never see when these rides / events are posted - am sure most other folks miss them as well. I'll come along if the weather is good
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  6. Hi,

    Count me in if the weather holds out.
  7. is looking good at the moment, just need the wind to die down a little now
  8. It will be clear az bros! Queensland 7-day Forecasts
    :) Good to go...
  9. Stop eating baked beans :)

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  10. I have a newbie I was going to bring, but he is still a little bit too green, so I am taking him before this ride to do some machine control skills, then make a judgement call from there. Don't panic then if I myself am running a little late :)

    I was planning on leaving the servo at 8:00am, so if you want to tuck into a pie or 6, aim to arrive around 7:40ish. Not really on a tim schedule, so don't stress too much. As long as I know you are coming, I will wait for you.

  11. We'll just do car park racing while we wait... or bike gymkana... anything besides pies and baked beans...:p
  12. I'm in. Looking forward to learning some road craft and bike etiquette.

    But mostly the gymkana ValvolineValvoline
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  13. :) the Gymkana queen is FractalzFractalz ! See ya then!
  14. don't need baked beans for wind.
  15. Will try to get there. Don't wait for me.
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  16. Sounds like a great ride and such a cool way to include new riders.... hey.... give me a shout out if you do a ride Gold Coast way and I would love to join in ..... have a great ride and (as always) stay upright :)
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  17. I would be keen for future learner days. Only got the bike today and am very green so don't think it's a good idea for me to tackle the mountains just yet.
  18. What you get? And keep an eye out for the next one.

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  19. The Mercury was the pick of the styles in my opinion. Hope you got the disc brake rear end. Nothing wrong with a drum though. I like the solid limited lever travel feel.