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Oceans 12: Wed 2nd Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by CodeBlueChick, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys,
    Since I *still* haven't seen this movie, I am going to be wandering along to it tomorrow night at Waverley Gardens as it's still playing there. If anyone wants to come see it, the details are as follows :)

    Location: Waverley Gardens (Village)
    Time: 9.15pm
    Cost: $5.50
    Weather: Wednesday-Rain periods. Moderate to fresh southwesterly winds. Min 14 Max 19

    I'll be there from 8.30pm and undecided on mode of transport.. if it's not pissing down and freezing then I'll be on the bike..otherwise will car it, cos I'm a girl :p
  2. Yay! Haven't seen it yet either, and I like Waverley Gardens prices :)
    Sarah and I will see you there :)
  3. Umm...dunno.. pretty sure they aren't out the front...but they are small-ish cinema's usually...sound is pretty good..

    hell, you can't even get a Big Mac meal for $5.50 these days, so I am not complaining! :wink: :D
  4. Whing, biatch, moan, whine! :p
    Your can't afford it anyways, Euro tour to save for, bastard! :)
  5. That's it!!!!.. or you're just "picking up" customers, Marty? :p :p :p
  6. Wow Marty, you are showing your age!! I remember going to the old cinemas at "Wavo" when I was a teenager!! When the pokies came in they turned the old cinema into a pokie joint and if you can remember where the old newsagency WAS, then thats where the cinemas are now. I still remember going to see the circus at Waverley gardens where Target is now, it use to be paddocks ;)
    Ahhhh, how times have changed.
  7. Just bumping this if anyone wants to come last minute :)