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Ocean Road today...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Loz, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. ...was a bit f*cken lush. Sad you lot were all working. Very sad.

    That's all really.



  2. Arsehole!!! Meant in the nicest way!!!

    September for us and we will be there!
  3. Man o man! Who's the hottie? :wink:
  4. You suck Loz. where was my invite???

    At home all day for the next 10 days.

    I managed to get out Monday for a squirt through Bacchus & Gisborn so NER!!!!!

    Will aim to go out wed, thur & fri too :)
  5. Loz, I hate you both! :mad:
  6. +1, I wasn't working either.
    However, I did manage to get a pleasant ride in this arvo, and will do so again tomorrow if the weather persists like today.
  7. Hey Caz - come do Gippy with me!!! You too Vic! Am also over on the Peninsula Thursday - bike's getting serviced first thing in morning then I have all the rest of teh day free!! Free!! FREE!!!!!

    ps Loz - I hate you...and the hottie :cool:
  8. Gotta get the kids to School tomorrow then I'm mounting and riding.

    Will do Bacchus, Gisborne for lunch then head out towards wherever :grin:

    I adjusted the clock on the bike so I won't have to do the mad dash back to pick the kids up 1 hour early :oops:

    Caz, Meet ya at my place at 10?
  9. Oh yeah..that's right, you're over that side of town. Well have a great ride tomorrow, as will I. :grin:
  10. I hate the lot of you! :evil:
  11. G'day everyone,.......

    I can't believe I still have'nt done the GOR!

    How bad am I?

    Dr Who?
  12. got stuff on in the AM, won't be free til about 11.30ish :(
  13. 11.30 it is then.

    I'll pm you the address and you can make your way here after 11.30.
    Cya in the AM
  14. Nah you wouldn't like him, he'd steal your bike. :p
  15. Thanks for sharing Loz ..
    fcuking PRICK :p
  16. I'm bloody jealous!! :tantrum:

    Instead of being out on the GOR enjoying the perfect day, I spent 3 hours crawling around the inside of a pyrolysis furnace... and then all the subsequent report write up... hope you had my fair share of fun as well as your own bro.
  17. I took a camera with me today but couldn't stop to take pics.

    Didn't want to get off the bike.

    Now i must go to werk :)
  18. Howdy Loz , man of smelly hair and no belt here , beat this you fu^%$er.
  19. You still look like a biatch :p

    Hows the dorky head on Gimbert :LOL:
  20. Ugliest grid girl I've ever seen! ;)

    Butz. :beer: