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OCC show today, who went and were you disappointed as i was?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by WillywareCPS, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Hello all,

    i just got back from the occ show today. and i was a bit disappointed as to the way it was run.

    The lines were long the food was to say the least poor. It rained out (twice and leaving during the second storm due to inadequate shelter and viewing locations )

    So I basically want other peoples opinions of today’s events.



  2. It was crap.We was in line for 45 mins just to get in the door.The hot dog stand ran out of water and there was not a thing to do and we left at 3:30 just be4 the rain.Not going to say any more.
  3. Did any one have a good time?
    Did any one stay to the end?
  4. So what did the "show" actually consist of for those of us who couldn't be bothered going or live in the wrong state??
  5. Personally I couldn't make it, but it was all over the radio (WSFM) this morning and they are distancing themselves from the whole event. They sponsored it and they mentioned the word 'embarassed'. Apparently VIP patrons who paid up to $450 for a table, an autographed book and a pic with the boys were let down too. Some didn't even get a table, the book wasn't their new book but a 2 year old crappy 48 page picture book that was autographed prior to their arrival, and the pic with the lads was a group shot of 10 or more other people. Apparently the OCC lads were there for less than 30 mins. Other issues were lack of promised kiddie entertainment, lack of adequate food and water tents especially as it was so hot. Gates opened at midday and they appeared at 6:00pm and there was poor first aid provided. You should contact and complain en mass to KMW & Chugg Entertainment promotions who organised the event and Discovery Channel who are the muscle behind OCC.

    EDIT: Is it true that cars were being charged $15 to park and bikes were being asked to pay $20?
  6. Hey guys - I was there and here's my story....

    (a show that was worth paying only $30 at the most for...)

    arrived at 12pm and it was HOT as hell.... me and my girl had to stay in the shades b4 attempting to even line up to pick up our pre-paid tickets. anyways - we got em and we went in. the heat wave was so crazy that after looking at all the OCC bikes on display and others like Natli, Kingpin and even the parked bikes outside - we decided to call it quits for now and went to the Novotel to see if we can maybe grab some food and a drink in a nice air conditioned hotel. but always - we couldn't get into the hotel cos it was 'Booked out' and ofcourse all the food and water tents at the show were either packed or plain f$%ked so we decided to grab a taxi and went to Burwood.... we couldn't do the train cos by 3 were we sweating and dehydrated and agrrovated and basically if we had to walk to the train station in the sun and wait for one - we'd prolly end of killing people including one another... So we went to Burwood and went to a little cafe'... replenished ourselves with cold drinks and food and we head to Westfeild shopping centre there where we bought an umbrella just in case cos we heard about the forcast and also bought 3 bottles of water and powerade and did a little walk around to clear our headaches from the sun and just really get refreshed again....... cos we were that tempted to say 'F$%k it' and go home....................(ohh did I mention that it took us 45 mins in the Blazing sun just to get to the OCC tour Merchandise store??? - there was ONE friggin store to cater the whole event........ dumb orgainsation...)

    anyways...... hopped on the train to get back.... got lost in Concord West.... waited 30 mins for a train to go back to stratsfield... then caught another train to Libcombe... changed trains to goto Homebush.... once we got there we noticed alot of people have left.... getting in the door was just a walk through and by that time it was 6 pm..... we found I nice spot on a hill slope to see the screen...... One screen..... and the stage. it took them LONG enough to actually come out and say hi and did their bike building thing on stage and by that time it was RAIN and THUNDER and WIND and 95% of people there weren't prepared for it (lucky we bought an umbrella at Burwood) - basically they made us waited in the rain and Sun before they would do anything.

    Lets just say they the show was soo crap that people left after they knew that they weren't gonna win the bike. (and so did we) ................... look I OBSESSED with the TV show American Chopper but there are limits to how dedicated you are as a fan... but it was a DIS-ORGANISED show...

    We got Mikey playing the piano for almost an hour with some girl and it was like listening to a 1st grader piano Tuition. Mikey kept saying "Aussie aussie aussie!!!" which got old after the 100th time.... and Mikey is like my favourite OCC guy too! but he just didn't really put on much of a show. Vinnie said like 10 WORDS probably.... out of the whole show... something like "We are gonna build this bike and give it away! yay!!!" .............pfffttt......... etc. etc. etc.... it was just a disfunctional and a disorganised show.....

    but because I like the OCC too much - I'll will blame this on the Event Organisers!!!

    BUT - it was cool to see the OCC bikes and all the other Custom choppers on display... that was cool........ but if you WEREN'T into bikes to the point of an obsession then you'd feel like you've just wasted a day in you life..... and to be honest - many times I almost thought so.....

    if you LOVE bikes..... I'd score the day 6/10 ...... if you were just into the OCC.... 4/10 ..... IF you went cos you got dragged to go........ 0/10 (congrats - you just wasted a day)
  7. This doesn't surprise me at all that they tried to squeeze every last dollar of profit out of the event... Its sad they don't realize that people need to be happy to spend money not pissed of because of lack of the necessities (water) wtf?? Isn't that illegal not be able to supply water?
  8. I was Really expecting more merchandise (all they had were 4 styles of OCC shirts and a hooded jumper)

    more OCC bikes - there were only 4 OCC bikes on display.. and only 3 of em I knew - like the Commanche Bike, the Jets Bike and Paul Seniors Bike.............................................................
    I was really expecting to see the Firebike, POW-MIA bike, Mikey's Bike etc.

    More exhibitors - there were only around 20 bikes on show.... only 4-5 exhibitors had tents (like Natli, Kingpin, Scotty's and a couple like air brushing and Harley Tours)

    I was also expecting more OCC interaction - maybe like a signing for the non-vips... Serveral different appearances... etc.

    more stuff to buy or pick up like promo stuff - showbags etc.

    yeah it was crap - I guess the local school Fair would prolly be more entertaining - I blame it on the organisers cos I got too much love for the OCC crew lol
  9. The OCC boys have to accept some of the responsibility for their own event being a wash out. I mean they chose not to interact with the crowd. They knew that people had paid money to see them and the key players barely said a few words. This isn't the first event that these guys have done, so you think that they would get a sense for putting on a good show and working the crowd. I understand that the VIP's got shafted the most.
  10. yeah - you're right - gotta also give the OCC the blame too.

    $450 bucks for a VIP ticket? coulda went to a nice Leather Jacket.
  11. In about a week ill email occ fan mail and send the link to this page.
    If i get a reply ill show u all.
    lets see if thay read there own fan mail
  12. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  13. Discovery deleted the thread so it appears!!!!!! Yeh, that will make it go away!!!!!!!!!
  14. Wow, it looks like that im not the only one..

    As for the merchandise stand we were in line for 45 minutes and it only moved 4 meters, we were told they were selling out fast and we could see them taking shirts off the pin board to sell..

    We were in line at the hotdog stand for a good 20 mins. And $4 for a bottle of coke.. A joke..

    I wonder just how much money they made from the day?

    Thanks guys for the replies.

  15. After reading about this debacle, and having a slight interest in the goings on of the biker scene in our fair country, I am now awaiting the articles that are going to be published by Australian biker related magazines such as Live to Ride, Heavy Duty and Ozbike. I am sure they would have had members of their staff there to cover the event, and I am wondering how close to the mark they will get their stories... maybe a couple of emails to their editors before they start writing might be in order from some of the ripped off attendees..