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Obtaining old Yamaha SX650/TX650 parts

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by MichaelM, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Hey

    So my dad has had a 1973 Yamaha TX650 since well before I was born. He's been slowly restoring it throughout the year and he's had some trouble finding specific parts. I'm better at the internet than he is, so here we go.

    Does anyone know any specific wreckers/businesses to go to for parts for old bikes like this. At the moment he's specifically looking for the rear mudguard, but I'm sure more parts will turn up.

    A cursory look at eBay brings up parts from international sellers, but he'd like to keep it SA based (ideally), or at least in the same country.

  2. I should mention at the moment he's trying to keep it all original. However, his fallback is to go all cafe racer on it.
  3. G'day mate, try www.findaprt.com.au, you punch in what you want & it emails all the wreckers on the their list, much easier than doing one by one.
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    I've used findapart. They're good. Another good thing is Zedder Cross reference.

    What is on sale here is a CD containing software you install on your computer using a supplied authorisation key. This allows you to look up parts to see what other models they fit. Some brands models have a lot of part interchangeability, and the uncommon Yamaha ones in particular do. This has been quite useful in finding hard to find parts because of low sales of the bike, where they were fitted to another models which were much more common. Worth the $24.95 US

    It does take some getting your head around. The database interface is a chunky (but it works) and you often need to deal with part numbers which are not exactly the same. Yamaha has used slightly different numbering systems in different countries, but you learn a bit about this, as you go.

    It does not contain any pictures, and filter and sort options are practically non-existent.
  5. Hey mate,

    I may be able to help you out, send me what you are after specifically.

    My old man has cafe'd one of these and may have some spares.

    PM me if you like...

  6. Thanks guys, I'll checkout findapart.

    I'll find out from him exactly what he's after, and also what condition his existing fender is in. Difficult when I'm 200km away. Cheers.
  7. First of all, the 1973 Yamaha 650 was called the XS650, the Yamaha called TX was the TX750, an entirely different beast.

    Now, the XS650 is one of the all time cult bikes, and there are dozens of US-based Internet forums and owner groups, just google XS650 parts, or something like that... I think there's still an Australian XS650 Club, I used to belong to it in 1979 when I had my 650..
  8. Yeah there's a typo in my original thread title. The bike is the 1973 XS650, which is apparently also known as the TX650. I'll look into XS specific forums too, cheers.