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Obsolete Computer Technology

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Jun 7, 2005.

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  2. Oh my God i'd forgotten exactly how bad some of these older systems are...

    and yes i have used a few of those old things

    But they didn't mention the awesome powerhouse that is the Amiga 500.
  3. oh the amiga 500 how i miss thee :cry: :cry: :cry:

  4. scary thought: Ive still got games for one
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  6. I finally threw out all my old 64 floppies only a bit over a year ago, why I was hanging onto all of that carp I don't know.
  7. turrican for amiga = *thumbs up*
  8. shows how new i am to computering... my first 'puta was this year...
  9. I had my own business in the UK selling, amongst other things, the Amiga 500 and the awesomely unreliable Sinclair Spectrum. The queue outside the door when I reopened after the Xmas break (every person with a computer under their arm) had to be seen to be believed.

    I don't miss them at all :)
  10. I'm not a NERD!

    Ok, I had an 81 (with the 16k expansion pack) but come on, didn't everyone?


  11. nah...Sidewinder / SWIV was the best
  12. or that Wordstar was the dominant wordprocessor for CP/M and IBM Clones?
    or how to enter the floppy disk parameters before a disk could be read by different brands of machines?
    or the heat generated by the linear power supplies for a DSHD 8" floppy disk?
    or the bliss of a hercules card?

    *sigh* Those were the days; no blue screen of death - there were no blue screens!
  13. i had the Amiga 500 with additionan floppy drive and the 512 k memory expansion....yes i had 1MB of RAM

    i can't beleive we actually ran everything from floppies (cringe)
  14. Ahhh! The chicklet keyboard. I'm making puddles here!
  15. i had the 256mb hard drive installed in mine (it didnt fit properly under the case)

    and i still have my zx80 hanging arround somewhere in storage back in the uk, infact i still have every puter i ever bought including the toshiba msx that i tipped a bottle of liquid shoe polish over (it was grey if i remember correctly)

    ah the joys of waiting 26 miniuts for jet set willy to load from tape (make a cup of tea and a slice of toast) and now i get annoyed at games that take 10 seconds to load
  16. Apple II+ compatible, color card (and TV), CP/M card, additional 16k memory module, speech card, 40/80 column card (with the hardware switch) dual floppy's (slimline units), joystick, paddles and hundreds of hours logged playing Wizardry, them were the days...I have a feeling the machine is still at mum and dad's place as dad thinks it might be worth something one day....
  17. Mustn't be as old as you guys . The only one i remember is a mate bought a commodore64 . We were amazed what it could do.
  18. My first was a apple II+ clone when I was 15.

    no color card, I bought mine when an green monitor was cutting edge. It had an external floppy drive, can't remember how much memory it had.

    40/80 column video card, sam speech module.

    I spent most of my time playing conan the barbarian, moon patrol, some asian pirate trading game (where you could trade weapons and drugs, as well as cotton and food0, and amiga tanks in space game I loved. Strip poker (how sad is that!!), and a bunch of others.

    I even wrote some of my own games that were pretty crappy.
  19. This was my first PC:


    I still have it, along with a gallillion others under the house....

    I was uber geek.........I knew almost everything there was to know about that thing and could recite the locations of useful routines in ROM off the top of my head....That same machine I ended up MAKING 4 times faster (Z-80B processor) with 256Kb of page selected memory (started with just 16!), hires mod - now that was HARD!!! Oh yeah....and a whole heap of disk drive and so on mods...like my own switchmode power supply, own case, a cooling system I designed....not bad for a kid.....

    And then I discovered girls....and the rest is history!

  20. what site were they on? :D