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Obsevations on Gearing

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Scumbag, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. I had the sprockets and chain replaced on the ST2 the other day and came to the following conclusions.
    1. Be careful of the combination of sprockets used as the ratios can change
    2. When then riding the favourite piece of road after refitment becareful because the engine note will be different with the different ratio and you can find yourself entering the corner in gear higher than you need or at least 20 km quicker than before. :LOL: :LOL:
    This has come about because I went from a 14 front 42 rear to a 14 front 41 rear. effectively changing the final drive from 3.0 to 1 to a 2.93 to 1. Now this may not sound a lot but be warned the engine note will be different for a given road speed. The standard gearing on the Duke at new was 2.89 to 1 so I still have better acceleration properties and is still ok bumbling along in traffic, I just have to get used to the engine note at certain speeds so I do not get caught out by the revenue raisers. :wink: :wink:
    I will say though it feels a lot nicer with the new chain on board. :D :D

  2. I downgeared the Hornet with Glitch's help, 3 up, 1 down for lots of extra acceleration 'cause I'm one of those curious kinds who likes to work a gearbox around town and feel like I'm using the rev range a bit without getting too far from the speed limits.

    It also helps me with my crap wheelies.

    One unexpected side effect of a larger rear sprocket was that I need to keep a close eye on the chain tension to make sure it's not dragging on the centrestand, as the new travel runs a lot lower and can sometimes touch, which just can't be good!
  3. Beware of changes to your indicated speed...it may changed depending how it is measured.
  4. Lucky enough to have the speed read from the front wheel so changing gearing does not effect it.
  5. Hey Scumbag.

    How many kays did you get from your chain/sprocket set?

    Has these changes made it better for cruising or acceleration?

    I have 25 thousand kay on my chain and sprockets, and there is minimal wear at all. I am pretty sure the sprockets on the VTR aren't the factory settings. I had the rear tire off the other day to fix a puncture, but the rear sprocket had no stamp on it indicating the number of teeth?

    I could have counted them, but I have far better things to do with my time like scratching my arse. :)
  6. This last set I got 27000 from the chain and front sprocket, the rear had 37000 on it.
    I have probably accelerated the wear due to not changing all the sprockets at the same time. This time I have got a better quality chain as well.
    The gearing is now for better acceleration than stock but more cruising than I had before, lower revs at speed (means more top end):):):):)
    I just have to get used to it now. Should not take too long.:):)
  7. Wait a minute, downgearing for better acceleration actually gives you HIGHER revs per speed... Thus probably putting you closer to the top-end powerband at cruising speeds, but it knocks top-end speed off in the process.
  8. zzzzz When I changed my RD-250 engine to an RD-350 engine (new pistons and barrels and expansion chambers) I had to change the gearing from 15/40 to 16/36 because with the extra power and torque it wanted to climb trees in second! (Almost exactly the opposite of Loz's changes)

    Even with this radical change, it would still wheelstand in first, and as scumbag notes, the sound of the engine was very different. Fortunately the speedo was driven from the front wheel.
  9. For Marty H yes you can pick the difference. For example at 100 km an hour it is almost 200 revs. The sound is different as well.
    for Loz. It is geared for lower revs (14-41) than I had before (14-42) but higher than stock so I do get better acceleration than stock (15-42)
  10. Wossat mate, time for your afternoon nap?
  11. The absolute last thing you want is inaccurate speedo readings when you're climbing trees and doing wheelies! :)
  12. No, I just thought my contribution might be boring, as in "back in my day, sonny!!"
  13. Now to get that damn clutch looked at. :LOL: :p :LOL: :p
  14. There is always one isnt there. Ooh stop it, it hurst to laugh.
  15. Please come to the next bbq at my joint mate....I need a machine like yours to cut up the veggies :p
  16. Excellent Job...

    I just dropped my rear gearing dwon from 43 Teeth to 45 (15 front)

    So I'ev gone from about 2.86:1 to exactly 3:1
    Havnt had it out on the freeway yet, but should drop the revs a few (hoping for about a 1000 RPM @110Kph)