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Obsessions and Dreamscapes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by BuckNasty, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. I have always dreamt of, obsessed about, and just about gone bonkers at the thought of hopping on my own two wheels and riding off to the edge of the world. I have harbored that dream for as long as i can remember and have felt it grow into something that's threatening to take over my soul and pilot my body to a little boy's imaginary planet.

    I have been saving hard, counting every coin with the vigour of a buccaneer and entertaining ideas of robbing grandmas at a bingo game to fatten my piggy bank. Anyhoo... after an eternity of hellfire, I'm finally running the last mile and plan to purchase my dream beginning of October. I'm twitching with excitement and I been poring over bike sales ads and websites. I have been sizing up anything with a 250cc engine and damn close to being dysfunctional with anticipation.

    There have been days when I found myself wondering aimlessly around the cbd, bug eyed and drooling at many a parked bike even the most rust infested, grease choked and beat down machines. I can almost feel the controlled violence of an engine revving and the whispers of the wind edging me... daring me to uncage the beast.

    man I love motorbikes...
  2. welcome to the world of motorbiking....the world of Devil's wheels... :)

    best of luck with your purchase.

    i had this urge forever....when i first thought of buying a motorbike...and it lasts even today, with the same passion.....for me, its not only just the two wheels, but also the highways...freeways...its like a siren's song which keeps beckoning me to it's cradle of destruction.

    I live to ride....but I ride, not to live....

    (PS am a very safe rider :p that last line was so catchy that i thought i shud type it :p )