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obsession with cleaning has gone too far

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Had a day off the other day and I sat down to watch 5 minutes of telly before having to go out.

    On comes an ad that raises fears about the germs that can be found on the top of a pump action soap/hand santiser dispenser. the solution apparently is a hands free soap dispenser.

    Now I know logic is not everyone's forte, but surely you wash your hands after your dispensed soap into them.

    What am I missing? Have we really become that dumb as a nation?

  2. Yes we have and paranoid.
    The only thing worse then having germs on your hands is speeding.
  3. Yes .
  4. http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=46748

    Main point of article that stand out to me:

    I can't find it now, but I've read many articles on people being TOO clean.

    They won't let their kids go outside and play in the mud, they insist everything be washed in serious chemicals (I only use natural stuff - smells better and does the same job without killing my world) and wipe and wash and clean everything to perfection... Many of the kids of those mothers end up with peanut allergies, allergies to any chemicals and sensitive skin, eczema, etc.

    YES this all has to stop! I had those cleaning ads with perfect houses and benches wiped down 30 times a day with chemicals you'd die from drinking and have to wash your hands after touching.

    It's all pathetic and it's leading to people becoming MORE prone to all the crap out there, rather than being exposed to it and letting the body get over it naturally.

    Example - my aunt. Her mother was a neat freak - no outside play time, everything CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and LOTS of chemicals used constantly in the house for cleaning.

    She can now only have gluten free foods, can't have ANY chemicals in her house (from perfumes to cleaning agents to smelly paints to laundry detergents). Everything is natural and she can't sit through a movie at the cinemas with people because of the perfume/deoderants etc.

    Plus lots of other foods she can't eat etc.

    Except for pneumonia, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, parkinson's disease, cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, traffic accidents...

    Also, mum, swimming carnivals are not "character building", they are shit.
  6. If only people could see germs they'd see that they are everywhere in your life and not a cause for concern in 99.9% of cases.

    So much advertising is based on fear, it's unbelievable.
  7. I'm surprised that the crazies aren't more concerened with the .1% of chemically resistant germs that could be left behind.......

    Stupid idea that dispencer, especially considering if your really that paranoid you would need a tap that has a motion sensor too.
  8. ....all this antibacterial crap has turned us into a load of germ-a-phobic pussy's.....

    Sheesh!!...... 46.
  9. They already have them...

    Well said, Mitch, very true that germs ARE everywhere. And who cares? It's NORMAL! FFS ... This world is making me ](*,)
  10. mate of mnie will never wash his hands in a public toilet because he reckons his piss is cleaner then the taps. Probably is to. I always thought it was sterile.

    Funny how urine is a common ingredient in many skin conditioners and moisturisers. People would freak if they actually knew what they were spreading all over their face.
  11. Not some of the girls I know.
  12. Ever heard of ERV's? Mammals (as we know them, at least) would not exist if it weren't for the remnants of a virus which prevents the mother's body rejecting the foreign DNA in the foetus. Sure, they're not bacteria, but still make a good example.

    Mitochondria probably started off as a separate bacteria before forming a symbiotic relationship with our extremely distant ancestors. So, essentially, without a certain bacterium, we wouldn't breath oxygen.

    Healthy urine does not contain bacteria. It can contain viruses, and genitalia can be host to plenty of bacteria (warm, some moisture [sweat], etc.).

    Where possible, please wash your hands after defecating, urinating, blowing your nose (if sick), and suchlike. I'm cool with the whole building up a resistance to stuff thing, but there are limits ;).
  13. I know that public toilets have them, but people have the taps with sensors in their homes?

    That is after all who the dispencer is targeted at.....
  14. I was never that obsessed, but I gave up completely when I caught my 15 month old daughter sharing a lemon with the dog (dog chews lemon for a few minutes, drops it on ground, daugher picks it up and chews it for a few minutes, hands it back to dog, rinse and repeat for half an hour or so) with every sign of enjoyment and no apparent ill effects :D.
  15. I used to think I had an obsession with moisturizing, then I realized I was just masturbating with sorbolene.
  16. Yes thats plainly retarded.

    Sensor taps however, do make sense - means you avoid having to touch the tap after you washed your hands.
  17. That's what paper towels are for! :nod:

    When they're not being used for... other purposes, of course.
  18. HAHAHAHA! Exactly :D
  19. Ummm ........ you're not referring to urea are you? Because urea does not equal urine.
  20. I too was under the mpression that urine before it had been contaminated with anything else was sterile.