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Observations on the Black Spur

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by [FLUX], Apr 30, 2008.

  1. I know that police officers read this forum, so I thought to offer my observations as an occasional traveller on the Black Spur.

    Since the extremely common camoflaged police presence on the Black Spur has taken place and enforcing even very minor infractions on the speed limit, I've personally noticed a marked increase in the number of vehicles of all types failing to remain in their lane.

    Used to be a time, any time further than two months back, where I could ride through the Black Spur, and only notice the occasional oncoming vehicle straying. No big deal.

    Seems like every time I've been up there in the last two months I now see some oncoming car or truck partway (or even more) in my lane about every three or four corners. It happened a couple of times through the Spur, and I thought not too much of it, thinking that it may have just been a bad day or something. It hasn't stopped though. It's now an almost constant occurrence.

    It really is like no one's really looking where they're going any more, and are constantly distracted from paying attention to the road. If anything, the Spur is more dangerous now than it ever was before. Nowadays you certainly don't want to be straying too close to the center line.

    I'm wondering if any other frequent or occasional Black Spur users have noticed this change in driver behavior in the last couple of months? It really does seem to co-incide with the heavy handed speed enforcement in the area. I can only presume that people now drive through the area fixated on their speedometers rather than on the road, and the place is a heck of a lot more dangerous than it used to be.

    Myopic policy enforcement really is a step in the wrong direction, especially when it causes drivers to drive less naturally. People need to be looking at the road constantly in that area, not constantly at their speedometers.
  2. I agree completely with the 'watching the speedo distraction' in general, but the posted limit is 100 on the spur. And if I remember right there's only a few straights on the spur where you really can open it up and break that limit (at least a n00b on a 250, anyway).

    I'd suspect that the radar tech can only work effectively on these straights, so that's the place the camo cops are hiding.

    I'd think that the reason cars are straying on the spur would be just plain carelessness and not worry of breaking 100km's an hour, especially coming around the corners.

    Saying that though, if there was a device that could issue infringements for careless driving (i.e. crossing lines, failing to indicate, not paying attention) they'd be using those instead instead of the easy thing to measure (speed measurement with radar).

    My 2c :) Disclosure: Only done the spur up and down 4 times.
  3. My counter to that is that distraction when entering a corner is especially dangerous. Many of the locals and occasional passers-through know full well that reaching 100kph in many places on the Spur is a snap between the corners. Aside from a few of the tighter sections, reaching 100kph isn't that hard to do, even in a car.

    With respect to the point you do raise though, now that I think on it, I did notice it being less of an issue in the tighter stuff, and more of an issue on the corners connecting straighter bits (ie. locations where breaching 100kph might be more likely, thereby warranting additional speedometer watching).
  4. The slower people drive, the less attention they pay, I think Stew.

    I remember thinking a while ago, that sooner or later...."I did'nt see the guy, because I was busy watching my speedo" will be a legitimate defence in court. eurgh!

  5. Sorry Stew, I know you are after responses from those who frequent the Black Spur, but I felt this issue warranted my 2 bucks worth ( adjusted for inflation :p )
    Only having done the Spur for the first time last Friday, I intend to go up this Sunday and as often as the minister for finance and leisure allows.
    It's hard enough for a newbie 'twister' to travel that road in the hope of improving their riding skills, without an increase of stray vehicles to be on the lookout for.
    I'm not sure if a driver awareness campaign to battle such driving habits would help, but Yep, I agree, too much emphasis is put on speed limits to the point that drivers are beginning to think as long they are withing the speed limit, everything else is secondary. :(
  6. Just to ponder this aspect of it some more...Is it possible that drivers are being caught out by their higher approach speeds to those corners at the ends of the straighter sections. (ie...arriving too hot, and getting all out of shape for these corners)
    As compared to the slower corners where alot of them are linked together, and they (drivers) are able to better judge the rythum, because one corner leads to the next...
    Happens to us bike riders often enough...

  7. yep scary times ahead.....and i agree it will only be a matter of time before it someone tries it and imo they should get off, and charges should then be placed on the head of government, transport minster, and head of police.....fark me, somone life is worth alot more then a 122 dollar 3 km/hr over the limit fine....
  8. Two thumbs up on that sentament.
  9. I've noticed a bit of what you are describing, but in no instance would the cars have doing 100 - more like 50 / 60km/hr (I don't know that I've seen a car reaching 100 on the Spur).
  10. Well obviously since they're under the speed limit they must be 100% safe... so where's the problem? :wink:
  11. Happens pretty much everywhere there's twisty roads.

    Quite a common occurrence up on Mt. Nebo and Mt. Glorious up this way. Sometimes it's a wheel over, other times it's the entire vehicle! :shock:

    I had followed a Kia Carnival one day that was definitely unable to keep within its own lane, to the extent it was completely on the wrong side of the road on a blind corner. I thought the driver was drunk, or just really, really crap at driving.

    A bit of poking around for info on the car itself had reviewers saying that it under steered something major, like it was a built-in feature. Though, dodgy car or not, all this happened at half the speed limit!

    The actual speed limit along this stretch is mostly 80km/h, it seems though, that the drivers who do travel at the speed limit keep their vehicles entirely in their lane, while the rest of the drivers putt around at just over half and are unable to keep within their own lane.

    Seems like a lot pants wetting going on when the road stops being straight.
  12. smartest thing I have ever read on this forum..

    and even though that is not hard.. it is very true :wink: :LOL:
  13. As a local, he Spur is now the best part of my commute. I have been saying for a LONG time that the issue up here is not speed, but road users who cannot stay within their lane. This is not only a motorcycling problem....in fact, it is more relevant to the longer vehicles i.e. trucks, buses, caravans and 4WDs towing ski boats. Last Friday night, I was pushed into the armco by two logging trucks that just couldn't get around the 35kph hairpins. I was in the car, forunately, but this sort of thing is a regular occurance.

    I am one of those locals that can easily drive through a lot of the Spur at/close to the 100kph speed limit, even in our little car. Whilst I am an assertive driver, I am not dangerous and am also very courteous. Slow vehicle turnouts are there for decoration, I think.... tourists are scary up there. Can't drive, can't corner, can't look in their mirrors and have no idea about staying in their lane.

    Don't get me started
  14. It wouldn't surprise me that since the news of the Camo Police drivers and riders are putting more attention into spotting the police and not getting caught than focusing on the roads, I know I would be trying to spot them before they spot me.Kev. :wink:
  15. Had to drive up to Lake mountain last week and a local caught up to me (must be a local cos no one but a local would drive a Bluebird on the Spur that quick) and I ducked into a turn out to let them through.
  16. the bluebird is a local girl...... :LOL:

    Stookie came round a corner yesterday to meet with a car driving on the wrong side of the road.....he wasnt running wide or cutting the corner he was driving on the wrong side. He swerved to avoid him and came off on the dirt on the new bike......no damage. The guy didnt go back into his lane either he continued and then was met with a 4wd and a caravan who also swerved........then he drove into the embankment......I guess he though that was safer than driving on the right side of the road.......and where was the police.......NOWHERE to be seen, to cold for them I think.
    Makes me very angry.

    Alot more cars cutting corners especially when overtaking them too......they straightline the corners oblivious to anyone overtaking.

    The spur will claim MORE victims now, Im constantly watching my speedo , jay has run off a few times watching his speed.....cars are doing the same.....what a mess......putting the limit to 80 is only to raise more revenue with enforcing it.
    I understand the police are doing thier jobs, but they are revenue raisers for the government not POLICE (protect and serve) guys anymore.

    My bike got stolen and the police didnt even come to the house. The house was broken into a few weeks earlier and they didnt turn up to that either......no money in it for them, after all we are just the tax payers funding them.....

  17. damn sorry to hear lil, hope the wee scot wasn't hurt :(
  18. Loz, Rosie, Pete from bike me and mwah had just rocked at Rays and was chatting to yer man just after it happended. He seemed rather calm about the whole ordeal. He had some mud over his gear and I just thought he had been for a hoot through the hills, till he told us the story :shock: FAAAAARK. Lucky man.

    Hey Lil you can now be NR's official daily spur update reporter. Kinda like a weather girl, except with more curves. :LOL:
  19. Up there yesterday, they've put a sign up around rays announcing the new limit from the 29th of may.... Bugger.
  20. Bet the camo-cops are gonna looove sitting in the bushes enforcing that at this time of year! :LOL:
    F#$% 'em. Hope it snows.