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VIC Observations on the Black Spur 27/03/11

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by FastR1Red, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Maybe this should be under "General"???

    Well I sat at Fernshaw for 4 hours today. Had a great bbq with some great people.

    Cops everywhere, they were friendly apart from one who was the most abrupt person I'd ever spoken with. Really came at me with attitude, maybe I was disturbing his break...no skin off my nose anyway.

    So heres a guy, pulls in on his nice 1098S. A few seconds later HWP pulls in and this guy is about to take off. They stop him and walk over with the book. Cop was pretty angry.....

    10 mins later another blue HWP pulls in, 5 mins of banter and off he goes.

    1st cop continues and hops back in his car and gets on radio.

    I go up to the 1098S rider,,,,what you get done for mate? He says 105....I said WHAT? Not on the straight? YEP!!!
    So we had a little chat and I hear the cop on the radio reading out the riders priors. Multiple speeding fines and suspensions. As well as riding whilst suspended....
    This guy tells me he only has 1 point left, then admits he's on a 1 point option...

    WTF???? Why would you come to the spur, speed in the most likely spot, in the heaviest policed road in the nation, with a licence and history like that?

    Now any ffffffff wonder we're getting hit hard.
  2. or the underage ktm riding kid in sunbury doing a runner from the cops last week...
  3. I live in a glass house, and I am not without knowledge of sin...
  4. some riders will do anything for a latte
  5. Weren't you that bloke what did a runner in the middle of town a year or so back? Glass houses indeed.
  6. Their media unit will have a field day with that one,

    25 kays over on the Spur,

    Hoon, Lunatic, crazy, Dangerous, the list of names is endless,
  7. It's called cop fodder. Might even be doing us a favour.




    A motorcycle blitz?

    That catches more cars than bikes?

    Shouldn't it be called a car blitz then???

  8. Bikes, That 35 a month,
    Cars, thats 83 a month,
    So how may were actually above 130 KPH, ??????????
    and how many were only a few kays over, ????????????
  9. Just posted up another bike blitz thread that's catching cars.
  10. Cars are winning by a long shot, Hahahahahaha
  11. Mate, if I knew somebody who'd done a runner a few times, even if it happened 25 years ago, I wouldn't tell you about it - or anyone I didn't know personally, let alone the wide world wankers club on the other end of the wires.

    I did mention that I knew someone who'd done a top speed test a little more recently than that, but that isn't quite the same thing.
  12. Fair cop, wouldn't have said it if old mate hadn't got himself pinched for it though.
  13. "old mate"?? Him think I know him.....
  14. This what you're referring to?

    I thought it was, but now I'm confused about who did what. (Must be the dementia.)
  15. Oh, different bloke...my mistake. I apologize to the bloke who ran from the cops for comparing him to some judgmental oxygen thief having a go at a bloke who did him no wrong.