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Observations of bad driving

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. I thought it might be good to have a thread where people can record the details of bad driving/riding they've witnessed.

    It doesn't need to be something that necessarily involves a bike, just something you've seen.

    Example: this afternoon I was heading inbound along the South Eastern somewhere round Mulgrave. In the far right hand lane is a Honda Legend sitting on precisely 100 km/h. Sitting a metre behind him is a Mazda3 SP 23, whose driver is fuming with frustration because the Honda won't let him through. Eventually he swings left across 2 lanes, fires back across into the right hand lane and gains about 10 seconds of travel time.

    Over the next 10 minutes, driver after driver comes up behind the Legend, realises the guy isn't going to move and goes round him on the left.

    Either the guy had cruise control on, Brahms on the stereo and was oblivious to the world, or he was damned if he was going to let any of those speed freaks get past him!

    This was happening in moderately heavy traffic and we've all seen something like it. Classic example of someone who never gets involved in an accident, but how many has he caused?

    Over to you - feel free to vent your spleen!

  2. It only takes one person to brake test him for the oblivious GIT to get the hint.
  3. last week on the way to work, i guy was shaving (blade razor and a bowl of water, shaving creame on too) whilst driving, swerving around a fair bit. Drop it a gear and then just fly by :p
  4. saw someone overtake at over 80kph in a bike lane on south road today :shock: got ahead of two cars then jumped in the left turn lane at the lights which was empty. saved themselves a whole 0 seconds off their travel time and endangered a few lives.... good show! :?
  5. Riding down my street towards my home - 50km/h speed limit, me slowing down to almost nothing and indicating to turn right into my very steep and awkward driveway. Guy in ute comes flying up behind me doing at least 80 and passes me ON MY RIGHT, IN BETWEEN ME AND MY DRIVEWAY just as I'm about to turn in. Had I not done that last quick headcheck I would've been a goner!
  6. I copped the stupidity last night.
    On the way home from Dandenong Drive-in, i pull into left, right-hand turning lane to turn onto stud rd. When arrow goes green, i genlty take off, and am conscious to keep to middle/left of lane (i know i used to have a habbit of taking corners tight) suddenly, half way through corner, i'm just in front of car in right lane, and see his front corner come rather F@#$(*% close to me. I pull wider and take off to get away.
    I know the car saw me at the lights, as they were looking at the bike.

    Needless to say, a certain large 4x4 followed them with his lights on, trying to get their number plate (at least thats what the 4x4 is claiming....)

    '91 Across
  7. I see so much dumb driving it isn't funny. Lets just list the most recent:

    1. Girl in car at lights, behind another car. Slowly rolled into the other car because she was reading the newspaper.

    2. Twice in the past week I've had some moron overtake me by going half into the emergency stopping lane, and trying to knock me off the bike with the wing mirrors.

    3. Some guy suffering from AMABGS (Arrogant Middle Aged Balding Guy Syndrome) who missed his turn-off on the freeway, slamming on the brakes, then reversing back up along the left-hand freeway lane to get where he wanted to go.

    I'll post more tomorrow after my drive to the office...
  8. Oh, another one I saw recently... girl at intersection waiting to merge into traffic on main road eating her breakfast cereal from a plastic bowl while she was driving :roll:
  9. 2 lane 60 kph zone road, 4wd to the left, me on the right, travelling at speed limit. Some dweeb comes zooming right up to me, flashes his headlights and needless to say, annoys the hell outta me so I stay in my lane and give him the birdie. Approached an intersection where there was 1 sedan on my lane, none in front of the 4wd lane. Timed it so I sped past the 4wd and occupied his lane so dweeb is stuck behind the lady driver of sedan.

    Lights go green, we both take off, I'm making sure this dweeb is stuck behind our cars. Again, he flashes his headlights at the other car but she also ignores him and goes along her merry way. Anyway, we get to the road where I turn off towards Debs place, and dweeb is behind me, as I turn left, I stick my finger up against the window and he must've seen cause I heard a screech of brakes, car does a U-turn and starts chasing me.

    Well, not going to risk going to Debs now (as only her kids are home), so I keep going, through lots of roundabouts and since it's a very long crescent, there's no chance for him to overtake me safely. He gives up by the 5th roundabout, and turns around. All up, with what he went through, he would've lost about 5-10 minutes off the original time. Dweeb - 0, me - 1.

    I really don't like people flashing their lights at me when I'm going the speed limit and I have right of way.
  10. i saw a guy on a poweful bike fly past me weave thru multiple traffic pop a wheelie in the little gap, weave some more pull up to the lights and do a endo.. is that good or bad riding?

    it cracked me up
  11. Bah! I only did that cause I was in the cage, not the bike. On the bike, I wouldn't have done that, I would've just zoomed off.
  12. If the Legend does 100k on 100k zone, then wouldn't the other drivers who tried to pass him will do above 100k and thus unlawful? My opinion is the Mazda should slow down and so the other drivers.

    I really hate it when sitting at the speed limit on my bike and cages would pass me. It is simply dangerous.
  13. That must have been Randy
  14. A guy tried to hop in my lane while I was in it :shock:

    We were driving side by side.. I was on the bike right next to his window.. There is NO WAY he could not see me.. He then just started to merge and I looked over and hes looking at me and I'm like WTF?? Na dhe just kept coming and was looking at me like I was an idiot.. So I had to swerve into another lane.. And then this lady drives up winds down her window and yelled at him for me :shock: :D :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  15. Is Randy the netrider hero or something?
  16. Well actually. If the Honda was in the right hand lane on a 100kph zone, he was travelling unlawfully as on roads AT and ABOVE 80kph ou must stay to the left unless overtaking or going to turn within however many meters the distance is.. But mazda needs a kick in the arse for tailgating
  17. I saw one today. My wife was driving the cage and I was sitting beisde her, three kids in the back, in a 50kmph limit. This young guy in a blue car, with six passengers comes right up to the rear bumper so its almost touching ours (must have been doing about 90kmph as he approached us) then swung out to pass us on a double white line blind corner, and then proceeded to miss a round-a-bout that was oncoming and drove straight through the middle of it. Then overtook a car that was just exiting the round-a-bout. Needless to say time for my wife and I and the driver of the car in front to change our undies. What was even worse the driver and all passengers were under 16 I reckon.
  18. i HATE people who just sit in the middle lane and never move (this unfortunately includes most australian drivers), or even in the right hand lane on the freeway, they pass a keep left unless overtaking sign and still dont move pharkin MORONS