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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ltketch, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. In the US, motorbike steering is on the same side...

  2. Ahh, but for mountainbikes in the USA the brake levers are reversed!

    (Front brake = left on USA mountainbikes, while in Australia the front brake is on the right just like a motorcycle)
  3. Idiot. There throttle control is reversed, its on the left side. However clutch and brake levers remain on the same sides (clutch left, front brake right).

  4. Sidestands remain on the left though.
  5. Yes but the front wheel is on the back and the back wheel is on the front.
  6. don't get me started on the pillion arrangement...
  7. And you use the left indicator to turn right,
    and the right indicator to turn left.
  8. yeah, and when you fill the tank up with fuel with a funnel - the fuel enters the funnel in a anti-clockwise direction, or is that clockwise ??? :?
  9. ...and in the US, the bike stops nearly a full minute before their stomachs do.
  10. So, . . .your suppose to twist your right wrist for a stoppie. And then slam on the brakes for a wheelie?
    Help, I am major confused :oops:

    :p :p :p