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Obligatory introduction post

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by zenali, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. As with so many newbies here, I've been reading the forum for a while as I research my options for a shiny new motorbike. Finally, after protracted lurkery, I thought I should actually post something.

    First up, I'd like to thank all of you for putting together such a fantastic resource. I know from other forums I frequent that most of the time you are just shootin' the breeze, but it really is valuable to those of us who are finding our feet with motorcycling. (Or is that finding our balance...?)

    I'm a Melbourne boy, keen cyclist though you wouldn't know it to look at me, and been toying with the idea of getting a motorbike for a couple of years. I did my Ls at H.A.R.T. late last year, and went back for a refresher a couple of weeks ago.

    I've been tossing up what to get for my first bike. I know that LAMS means that I could snap up a more powerful bike than was possible a couple of months ago, but I'd like for my wife to be able to ride whatever I buy as well. That is more restrictive than it sounds because she's about 5' 2" and quite petite. She had difficulty with the 250 cc bikes at H.A.R.T.

    From reading this forum and a few other places I've narrowed the choice down to a Honda CBR 125 or a Yamaha Scorpio. At the moment I'm actually leaning towards the Yamaha Scorpio because it is a bit gruntier and seems more likely to deal with my not inconsiderable bulk. Also, it sounds as if it is a little lower to the ground and has a narrower seat, so my delightful other half should find it easier to put her feet down at the traffic lights.

    So I went out and bought some gear today with the aim being to test ride my two candidates in the next week or two. I still need to pick up some pants and boots, but for the purpose of doing a block or two to see how the bikes handle I guess I'll be OK with gloves, jacket and helmet. (If the boots I've ordered come in before I get a chance to ride the bikes so much the better.)

    If anybody has experience with the Scorpio I'd be really glad to hear of it. I've read the threads on short riders, and a couple of threads on the CBR 125, but any new advice that might help me decide between them would be most welcome.

    ~ Ali

  2. Big welcome to you, Zenali!
    Glad you finally said hello :grin:
  3. Welcome Aboard !
  4. G'day mate :grin:
  5. Hi bloke, welcome
  6. Welcome.

    Good luck getting a bike.
  7. heh heh, I'm going to use that :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider.
  8. Thanks everyone - it is certainly a lively board to get so many replies on a Sunday. (But then again, the weather here in Melb was pretty crap today, so not too much riding going on I guess.)
  9. for sure; I'd rather be here than driving in the snow in Goulburn as I was at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon.

    But we've also got around 11,000 Netriders, so there's bound to be someone on-line at any time..