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Objetive acomplished

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by munecito, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. I wanted to lubricate the chain and today I did it. For the first time in the CB250RSIF.

    Sprocket cover off, chain cover off, kerosene until the chain was sparkling, then a good rinse and I washed her too.

    Then sprocket cover on, good dry with the chamois, and off we went for a spin to warm the chain up a bit. Back at home some lube for the chain, link by link. Some manual turns to the rear wheel and chain cover on again.

    After that Mr Sheen gave me a hand and between the two of us let her looking like the promo queen. She looks like new again. And I know she is looking forward to going out tomorrow.

    What a nice thing it is to spend time with your machine. Last week it was the car now it was the red haired girl's turn.

    BTW I used Castrol Chain lube, I know it is not the best one but didn't have any luck trying to find any of the other brands today. Although there was one called TAC2 but I haven't seen it mentioned here. Does anyone have an opinion about that one?


    Will and the CB250RSIF

  2. TAC2's been around for ages - I still have some somewhere in the shed. Compared to the two, stick to the Castrol. Isn't it great to get the hands dirty, learn something and have direct involvement in the maintenance? Not everyone can do it but it's nice to hear stories like this!
  3. I did the whole bike clean on friday, my hands have never been so black before in there whole life lol, but I'm not afraid of that. But it was nice to step back and see the bike like brand new. ( happy feelings) lol

    Cheers Lou
  4. I did the whole bike clean on friday, my hands have never been so black before in there whole life lol, but I'm not afraid of that. But it was nice to step back and see the bike like brand new. ( happy feelings) lol

    Cheers Lou
  5. It's possibly better than using old grease from your cars wheel bearings, but not much else. :wink:

    Don't worry, it won't harm your chain but it will be filthy in next to no time and will be shitty to clean off. As long as you keep an eye on it and clean it again when it starts getting dirty it'll be no issue and you can re-lube it with something else. I recomend Motul or Belray in that order of preference. :)

    Good job on the DIY maintainence BTW. :grin:
  6. Feels good doesn't it? Nothing like a clean bike with a tight chain on a Monday morning. :grin:
  7. Car engine oil's my preference. It cleans instead of making the chain sticky and accumulating crap. You need to apply it more often but it does by far the best job IMO.
  8. Mnencito, I know how you feel, yesterday I did my own oil and filter change! It was great and it has me hankering to learn more
  9. Well Done, I find its always good to give it a go yourself and the satisfaction is great and you get to learn and hopefully see wear and tear ect.

    I couldnt go anywhere this weekend as was crook but I hate being in the house so on Saturday I took all the fairing off checked for any leaks(done 1000kms since I got her 11/10) whilst still under warranty,all good.

    Cleaned it all out dust grime ect with truck wash.Washed all fairings and finished with chamois.

    Put the fairings back on and put a coat of Kitten cream wax/polish on her,cleaned the rims and put a coat of Mr Sheen on with a rag not spraying directly on them.Mr sheened all the black plastic and the wind sheild and seat.

    The chain was clean so no need to kero that so just put a coat of Rock Oil chain wax on that.

    Sunday applied another coat of Kitten.

    Today Monday heheh applied another coat of Kitten, as you walk out the door to the garage OMG what a sweet smell of polish and me bike looks FANTASTIC.

  10. My dad has an SZR660. I got bored on Sunday and disassembled his engine. Here's me taking off the idle adjustment knob. I'd managed to get as far as pressing out the piston wrist pin when Dad caught me.

  11. And that was the last we ever saw of the young fella. :LOL:

    Of course we hope he turns up alive and well, don't we Chairman. :wink:
  12. :rofl: Thats a gem!

    Me I've dissasembled my GPZ250 rear end greased and repacked it all however the engine....... I'll put that back together latter, alot later!!!!

    For Sale GPZ250 in good running order(downhill) will consider swaping for date with someones sister. :grin:
  13. If he doesn't, there'll be trouble. The motor needs to go back together next weekend. And he's the only one who remembers how it came apart.
  14. My bike needs a wash too... now I feel guilty.

    Oh, and I think the "C" button on your keyboard needs some lube too *giggles*
  15. whoopsies - double post!

  16. :-k :-k :-k

  17. Given what you just read, it's probably best not to do that. :LOL:
  18. Totally lost now. Send me the coordinates and I will try to find the way back into the thread.

    :-s :-s :-s