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Obey The Moderator

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by FormerUser3, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. http://www.rhymetorrents.com/disc2/Optimus Rhyme - 03 - Obey The Moderator.mp3

    Lyrics :

    "I agree to accept the following terms and regulations put forth by the admnistrators of this community and blah blah blah... I accept."

    Listen up newbie, we gotta get a few things straight
    Who these people are, that can wait
    This my board, my world, my space
    I wrote every rule you gotta read 'em ok?
    Cool, I guess that's in then we straight
    And if you need something I'll be up kinda late
    Like two, see that's when it gets bad
    People start flaming and everybody's mad
    That's when I gotta bust out the ban
    Just me man, some of these people just can't stand
    One another, so I gotta cover up a scandal
    Nah dude I can't let you know my AIM handle

    Drop it, I grab your IP and block it
    If you can't stay on topic, you got it?
    If I wanna lock it there's no way you can stop me
    ??? the cocky, the cubicle jockey

    Obey the moderator, create a state of calm
    Scan sentences and announce who's wrong
    You are the troller, one week ban
    I know your other screen name man
    Obey the moderator, I cater to the regs
    Hook 'em up with handles and float all the threads
    You are the liar, permanent ban
    I (modified?) your password man

    My sig's kinda big but it's tasteful
    Might blink a bit, 80k, there's no way that I be wasteful
    People get hate for the ???, it ain't new to me
    It can get crazy, yeah in this community
    Dude you gotta unlock your caps
    Never argue ??? straight through the ???
    Even then they never relax, it's all good
    ??? from six months back, still nobody budges
    The worst? Hackers, scum of the earth
    Attack us and ??? us we back up ???
    But whatever, I got an upgrade up my sleeve
    Trade off sleep for new security
    That's part of the job I don't mind it
    And if you break a rule better believe that I'll be the one to find it
    I'm tracking down every last stupid kid account
    I'm on my way to admin, there's never been a doubt

    I see that you be new to the community and soon to be
    In trouble if ???

    it is funny as hell :LOL: :LOL:
  2. omg i fcuking love it :rofl:
  3. lol, that is some funny shit. should play when you log onto the netrider forums automatically !!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. :rofl: Thats some funny shit
  5. hahaha. pure gold.
  6. Glad you all liked it, I thought it was a classic, a lot of work went into this by someone.
  7. Hehehe, how fitting for this forum :LOL: