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Oberon to Goulburn; Cooma to Braidwood - dirt road?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by jawntybull, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. I am planning a trip to the Snowies over Christmas and the route may include these two runs; Oberon to Goulburn via Taralga, and coming home from Cooma to Braidwood via Snowball.

    Is anyone familiar with these roads? Does anyone know how many kms of dirt would be involved?

    I'm riding a Suzuki GS500 road bike with new road tyres, and would be interested in knowing how much dirt road, and whether it is good quality. I'm not afraid of dirt, but don't want to have an epic with poor quality dirt that knocks the bike about too much.
  2. Tried using google maps streetview??
  3. Oberon to Goulburn had about 2 kays of dirt when I rode it in January last year, but it should be completely sealed by now. Just watch out for the high-speed timber jinkers.

    http://snipurl.com/90zr1 [maps_google_com_au]
  4. What are "timber jinkers"?, not familiar with this slang...
  5. Cooma to Braidwood via Snowball has good dirt. Probably not recommended during heavy rain, unless you've ridden dirt before - but well groomed with a few cars using it. Can't remembeer how far, but dirt starts ~15kms out of Braidwood and stops maybe 10kms before Niimmatebel. Take a good map, and count your kms - whilst you stay on the "main" dirt road, think the road to Snowball is not that well signposted turing off from Nimmatebel

    And the Goulburn Taralga Rd is all sealed now to Oberon
  6. thanks everyone - trip diary to come when I return!
  7. Timber jinkers are large, very powerful trucks used to haul logs from where they are felled, to the sawmills. In the case of the Oberon road, it is very fast and open with long flowing corners, at least at the Oberon end, and these drivers know the road like the back of their hands, and drive accordingly.

  8. If he was heading to Cooma he wouldn't need to do Tuross Road into Nimmitabel and could just follow the tar once it restarted (I think that would be right).

    I did the Cooma - Braidwood road not long ago and it is as mentioned good dirt but there are a few sections that can be a bit diabolical if wet. These are obvious and are the clay type sections but take care if they look shiney in any way.

    The road itself is a belter. IMO, it is a fantastic road with great scenerybut be careful of the wildlife (Wombats, Wallabies and Roos) and well worth the trip.

    If you are enjoying it then you could easily head to Nimmitabel as Toecutter mentioned by turning left at Tuross Road and following it along.

    As to the road name, it changes from Kybeyan, Snowball and a few others so check google maps for those roads.

    EDIT: From memory the distance Cooma - Braidwood (direct) is 135 kms.

    Second edit: Here is is on google maps http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=d&....836742,149.463501&spn=0.817167,1.235962&z=10

    If you want to go to Nimmitabel, Turn left at Tuross Road (just after the tar starts) and it will take you to Nimmitabel as below


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