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Oberon/Bathurst to Goulburn

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Ljiljan, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. I'm planning a bit of a jaunt for the near future. I've heard there are some pretty decent roads snaking their way south from bathurst/lithgow. Can someone give me there recommendation for a route?

    Many thanks.

  2. Jenolan Caves->Oberon->Taralga->Goulburn is one of my favourite runs, although if I'm out for the day then I'll usually loop back through Bathhurst->Sofala.
  3. Hell yeah man, come down to Boingk territory! I live in Goulburn, so regularly ride through these roads of a weekend.

    Oberon to Taralga is definitely up there for me as one of the best rides I've done; theres a brilliant, well-surfaced stretch that skirts pine plantation... 75km/h posted corners with lots of undulations - its like a rollercoaster! Simply awesome. Road surface is top notch in most places, with only a few entraces to bridges having anything more than a few divets.

    The road from Goulburn to Crookwell is also quite good, better in fact than Goulburn to Taralga IMO. Bathurst > Trunkey Creek > Crookwell is a good route too, and I think its all pavement now (was a stretch of dirt over 1 mountain). Oh, Crookwell > Goulburn also has a viewing area for the windfarm about halfway along. Good picture opportunity if you're looking for one.

    Crookwell > Goulburn via Grabbengullen is also a fantastic road, and very much less used than the others. Its got more tighter curves, as well as a good variety of long sweepers over rises and moderate stuff through bushland. One thing I'd warn about though is that there are quite a few blind corners on this road and the surface is B grade. Still a fantastic run, though.

    Lastly, you will most defintely want to be on the scan-ahead for police if you decide upon the Taralga > Goulburn route. Their training facility is a few kay out on the road out of Goulburn towards Taralga so they sometimes do vehicle training excercises along it. Having said that, the road mostly offers quite a good view ahead, so you will most likely have some warning of any police around. The road to Crookwell is somewhat less targeted, and the Grabbengullen route is more or less untouched.

    Regardless of which route you take, I'm sure you'll have a blast.

    Cheers - boingk
  4. If you're starting out from Menai, I'd do the RNP, Dapto, Marshall Mount, Robertson, Moss Vale then Goulburn, Taralga, Oberon. From there you can do the Mt Vic then BLOR to home (about 600kms) or reverse direction.

    The pub in Taralga serves a great meal.

    Weather'll be freezing cold of course.

    So will you be at the 4 Hour on Sunday?
  5. is the taralga to crookwell road sealed?
  6. No idea. No money to compete but I'll probably go out for a look-see I think.

    The Taralga to Crookwell Rd is sealed, but is mostly just single-lane blacktop. Fine if its dry but not the best in the wet.

    Cheers - boingk
  7. I read this thread title as "The king of the faires going from Bathurst to Golbourne"
  8. hmm. he was in a midsummers night dream right?
  9. So has it warmed up in Goldburn yet? (he says thinking of summer)
    There a few weeks ago and froze my (yep those things) off.....
  10. Its not too bad here at the moment, and theres talk of a warm, early Spring on the way. It certainly feels like it. Instead of -5'C nights with -2'C 8am's, now we're getting 5~7'C nights with warm 8~10'C 8am's.

    Daytime temps are certainly not much of a worry at the moment, I rode to Crookwell the other day on my Gixxer and didn't feel it at all, even though I was only wearing a summer mesh jacket.

    Cheers -- boingk