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QLD OBD II Cable for Triumph

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Miniblu, Dec 16, 2015.

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  1. Can anyone sell me a proven cable with FTDI chip set for my 675 Daytona? I've had two duds from eBay. Or can anyone recommend a supplier?


  2. What are you using the cable for? Tuning or diagnostics?
  3. Just diagnostics. Engine malfunction light is on after I changed the plugs. Two plugs had failed, and the unburnt fuel caused the cat converter to glow red hot. I think the exhaust gate valve may be seized. TuneECU should confirm that. Don't want to pay the dealer an uncapped fee to tell me that.
  4. Where are you? I have a known good one that I've used on my Tiger and o my Sprint GT before I traded it. I don't want to sell it but we could take a peek at what's going on with yours?

    Are you in a hurry to do this?
  5. Appreciate the offer, Teef. I am in Tannum Sands, near Gladstone.

    Are you South African? Teef means something in Afrikaans. If you atre SA you'll know what I mean. If you aren't, you probably don't want to know...
  6. I'm not South African, but years after I first adopted the name teef (a corruption of my real name Keith) I found out what it meant in Afrikaans LOL. I shouldn't necessarily argue with it ;-)

    I'm just wondering whether your problem relates more to using a windows 8 computer? The OBD II driver for tuneECU won't install on windows 8 or later, only windows XP or 7? I had to drag out an old laptop to make it all work but then it worked a treat.

    Sadly I'm in Brisbane, A bit of a major effort to meet up for a cable :-(

    Next time I head up to Gladstone which happens a few times a year I'll check where you are up to.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.