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Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Banana Fred, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Probably making amends for his predecessor but seriously what has he done??????????????
  2. Does anyone take these sorts of awards seriously any more? I'm sure many previously deserving recipients must be thinking of turning their's in :roll:.....
  3. I thought they handed out the Nobel Peace Prize after there was some sort of tangible result? Maybe he "talked the talk" better?
    If it had been me on the panel, I would have given it to the Dalai Lama. You know - a sensible decision.
  4. Succeeded in ousting the right-wing bible bashing idealogical idiots that were previously running the country with a foreign relations policy that was barely more complicated than "if we don't like you, and you don't have the military might to resist us, we're going to invade you and steal your resources".

    Obama taking office, and with a sound mind for peace in the world, has probably done more for world peace than anything or anyone else in recent times. It didn't have to be Obama, it would've been anyone who:

    a) Ousted the militaristic incumbents
    b) Makes an effort to dismantle the aggressive foreign relations of the old incumbents
    c) Isn't a few heartbeats away from allowing the idiot Sarah Palin to take command of the world's most powerful military force.

    When Obama won, pretty much the entire rest of the world breathed a collective sigh of relief.
  5. Apparently the nominations closed in February, just a few weeks after Obama took office.
    So to summarise, out of 205 nominations, the winner is someone who had achieved no tangible result in his few weeks of office.
    With this grand lack of reasoning, I wouldn't be surprised if the Peace Prize panel had Kim Jong-Il down as a nominee.
  6. The Noble Peace Prize is not unlike the gold star one would get at primary school .. it's quickly forgotten.
  7. that'd be enough to get my vote.
  8. It seems like they just hand these out to anybody htese days.

    Once it was seen as something to cherish after years of hard work and dedication.
  9. Nicely put Flux.
  10. interesting, i agree with the people who say what does this award even mean anymore... But congrats to Obama anyways.
  11. Seriously if meaningless results are the standard, The ashes losing but champions trophy winning aussie cricket team must be favourites for the award next year
  12. That's what's getting me - he's only been in a position to make a difference for a couple of minutes. There are people who have been workng to end conflicts around the world for years who go unrewarded and unrecognised.

    Just because he hasn't started any new wars yet is hardly worthy of a Nobel Prize. FFS - there is still an occupying US military force in Afghanistan and active combat troops in Iraq just to name the obvious ones.

    I have high hopes for Obama and what he can do to improve the way the USA goes about it's business, but let's give the hype and hysteria a rest and let the guy prove himself before we start showering him with awards.
  13. Maybe these days it is worth a prize...A president who hasn't started a war, very rare indeed lol

    I don't know Wayne, maybe its the Zimbabwe cricket team who deserve the Nobel peace prize
  14. I have the solution; according to news.com.au "GLOBAL leaders have called on the US President to use his win as a spur for world peace"

    He should run for Miss Universe!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. That pretty much sums up how arse-about this is.
  16. yeh it reminds me of when Koch won Australia father of the year. lol why is it only celebrities win that award, but the guy helping his kid get through bone cancer and holding down a job to support them never does.
  17. Osama should have been Time's "Man of the Year" in 2001. Nuff Said about the quality of these things...
  18. Obama winning the peace prize is like golf being included in the olympics - it cheapens the event.
  19. It's just bullshit, as you can all see