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Obama or McCain?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Obama

  2. McCain

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  3. I choose the "smartass gag" option.

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  1. Just wondering...

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  3. Obama would be my second choice. My first preference would be the same as it was in our own election: shoot them both in the head.
  4. 1. because voting is not compuslory in the US, polls mean nothing

    2. see point one, Americans will not elect a woman or a black man to the White House


    3. McCain will win, despite the campaign against Sarah Palin
  5. Keith Richards for President.
  6. ...conducted mainly by Sarah Palin.
  7. Paris Hilton for President.

    Britney Spears for Vice.
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  9. I'm hoping this won't happen. Although it most likely will.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised, America is a country that elected Bush instead of Al Gore... thats a monkey over a genius. There could've been a proper recount if there was adequate public opposition.
  11. I think the normal thing that happens in this kind of situation will occur.

    Two highly intelligent and intellectual persons with policy orientated towards social justice and long-term economic viability going against two complete idiots who promise lower taxes.

    Having Obama debate McCain and Bidden debate Palin was just a complete insult to the Democrat candidates. McCain spent the debate insulting Obama and Palin spent the debate talking off-topic.

    That country has become an international joke and the biggest problem is that the majority of Americans don't give a shit. Yet they command the most powerful armed forces in the world in terms of ability to project power, and hence dictate international policy. Hence the problem.

    As far as I am concerned, an EU armed forces complete with at least three fully functional carrier groups cannot come soon enough. I want the Americans to be made redundant, because they are not fit to lead their own country, let alone the world.

    In the meantime, god damn America if that geriatric and imbecile win.
  12. Why have only 2 of us voted for McCain?!
  13. why did YOU vote for McCain?
  14. Why would anyone??? Who'd want more of the same? Isnt it stuffed enough?
  15. Or should that be shyster over a sharlaten?

  16. That Rolling Stone article is a cracker innit?
  17. If its anything like my workplace, owned by Americans, start with the most illogical, irrational, ill conceived decision, and work your way back from there :?
    Gore actually won on numbers over Bush and STILL :shock: ended up loosing WTF :-s It was explained to me actually how this transpired by an American professor on Wineglass bay beach in Tasmania few years back :-k but I forget the exact details-long story, suffice to say I did this alot :shock: with jaw also hitting sand :roll: FFS. I think Damon summed it up pretty well. Iz laffable, Disneyland stuff.
    :oops: Sadly I think McCain will win, although I really [-o< REALLY hope Obama is the victor :blackeye: Worse part is who the hell would wish the state of that nation on either party. Whoever inherits it is like being given cancer :? Damned if do and damned if dont.
  18. I'd vote for McCain.

    Given the choice of a untested young bloke who hangs around with christian nutcases, with an incompetent, lying deputy i'd pick the old bastard every time.

    That being said, I'm not the biggest fan of Palin. But jesus, some critics need to have a close look at the other VP. I don't think McCain will win, the singing, dancing, trendy Obama express will get up.
  19. With Florida and Ohio leaning toward McCain it's going to be closer than the polling suggests.

    I'm still pretty confident that Obama will win, but I was also confident that Bush would be a 4 year president.