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O2 Sensor removal difficulties...:((

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by BlackVeeTwo, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    Anyone got any tips for removing an O2 sensor from an M50? Got my new Staintunes today (thanks - you know who you are!).

    I managed to loosen about 1/4 turn and thought "great, this will be a piece of the proverbial" then it just seemed to tighten up again.

    Original pipes still on and bike only just over a year old, so wouldn't think someone had tried to remove before and stripped the thread etc.

    It's locked in so tight I even burred the nut, so rather than slip off completely and damage the orig. pipes (or my knuckles) I've decided to ask if anyone has any tips for getting these b*stards out?

    didn't have this issue when I fitted 'tunes to my BMW R1100S - O2 sensor undid and came out very easily.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. Try warming the engine, then giving it a shot. Or alternatively heat it with a torch.
  3. Cheers MV - it took a bit of patience but all good. Used a tiny bit of WD-40 on the visible thread & worked it in and out the 1/4 turn or so. Loosened up nicely after a few goes.

    Fitted the Staintunes - fairly easy and good fit - O2 was tricky to get back in though - not much room!

    Did as per instructions and cleaned pipes down properly before starting. Then fired it up and sounded great! Not too loud but definitely more of a rumble!

    Then just took it around a local loop for 10mins - AWESOME! :)) Seems to have a better throttle response right throughout the rev-range and sounds fan-bloody-tastic!

    Very happy chappy! :))
  4. Hope you smeared some anti-seize compound on the thread of the O2 sensor before screwing it back in...
  5. Check the threads on the bung as carbon deposits build up and combined with the heat weld themselves to the sensor.
    If you havn't put anti seize on it take it back out and do it. This should help getting it back out easier in the future.