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O2 sensor question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Trev, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I ordered a two bros VALE slip on exhaust for my Ninja 650RL from America. The problem is the Aussie bike has an O2 sensor whereas the american bike does not and so the replacement pipe has come without the sensor port. This forced me to halt the installation and I need to take it to a bike shop.

    I have 2 options:
    #1 use a sensor bypass and disconnect it completely or
    #2 see if some1 can weld an O2 sensor bung on the pipe for me.

    My question is. What, if any, drawbacks will I notice by removing the sensor all together? Will I need to have it remapped? Or would I be better off getting an exhaust joint to modify the pipe to allow for the sensor?
  2. They will not modify the pipe per'se.....they will modify the mid-pipe, or connector pipe.
    The standard practice is to weld a threaded bung into the connector pipe for the O2 (Lambda) sensor.....

    As you mentioned you can also get an O2 eliminator kit - although I would lean towards having the bung installed as this will allow the lambda sensor to feedback to the ECU thereby allowing the mixture to be modified during use...............

    Just my 2c
  3. Get a bung welded in. Cost is nominal and EFI system will work as designed.
  4. you can get the bung welded at any muffler shop does not have to be at a bike shop. Just make sure you get it done in the right postion. Left side of the muffler pipe. there is not much slack in the sensor cable.I just swapped to an arrow I know.
  5. Awesome, will take it to an exhaust shop. Or will the bike shop be able to do it?
  6. Bike shop can. Exhaust shop can. Engineering shop can. You can too can lol