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O/T: Working Holiday to the UK

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bass_player, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Ok long story short. My missus of nearly 5 years breaks up with me and now I find out she was cheating on me for the last few months. I need to get away so a 6-12 month trip to the UK could be just the ticket. Has anyone else done this and can tell me whats involved. I'm pretty sure I can just go over there and work without too much hassle as my mums a pommy citizen so I have dual citizenship. A mate can hook me up playing cricket for about 150 pound a week but I doubt this will be enough to live on. How easy would it be to walk into bar work or something similar over there?

  2. mate im sorry for what happen between u and ur missus
    but with the working part just go...
    i know heaps of people who just go and work in bars and clubs and they make it fine...
    man if i wasnt attached and have a kid.... etc etc i would come as well lol
    good luck mate and dont worry
    things happen for a reason...
  3. As a pom I would say i've never been out of work when I was there, esp if you're happy to do bar work - even if you havent done it before just say you have as everyone always shows ya how to pour a pint their way...

    Also, depends on where ya go...the more north you get the friendlier the people are (I'm biased but its kinda true) and as a backpacker if you're prepared to do anything then you'll never be out of work...

    Sucks about the girlfriend mate - do it, go and see europe - everywhere is just a hop skip and a jump from the uk really so go see the world...thats what I did and then ended up moving over here as loved the place...
  4. UK WORK

    Absolute piece o p*ss,bar jobs aplenty,check this website,its a wealth of info for the bewildered first time London visitor
    www.thegumtree.com or try this one as well
    Make sure youre taking cash aplenty,London and UK in general is a tad expensive and until you start earning pound,a HUUUUUGE drain on the wallet,I have never drunk so much Mc Donalds tea in my life,seeing as the exchange rate was killing me,go for it man,with Europe and the European alps for riding on your doorstep,who could ask for better riding.A jaunt to France or Spain for the weekend is like us going to our neighbouring states.I to have dual citizenship and basically you have open slather to work anywhere in the E.U. as I understand it.
    Do yourself a few favours,get online to the tax department(inland revenue over there) afore you go and apply for a N I number,sort of equivalent to our tax file number,your f*;kd without it,and set up a bank account over there before you go.Oh yes,as the post above said,I found the same,the more Nth you go,friendlier people are,but being of Scottish /English ancestry Im also biased,but I definitely found this to be true,ach aye the noo laddie. :grin:
    Happy travels
  5. hi mate

    i did exactly this 2 yrs ago with a mate. went over and worked for 12 months. i reckon it was the best thing i've ever done.

    def get the bank account and tax stuff sorted. i found it was best to ring and actually speak to people rather than trying to email. people respond better and are more likely to help you when your actually speaking.

    and the other thing....yes it is expensive in London...damn expensive. but once you start earning pounds its all good mate. seriously, dont even worry about it just do it and you work things out when your there.

    if you want to see how truely annoying australians are then get on the tube down to Sheperds Bush and go to the "Walkabout" aussie pub. My god we are a strange bunch of people us aussies!
    there are lots of aussies over there who i dont think have even met a pom, they do everything with other aussies. i would strongly suggest you dont become one of these guys, get out there and meet people.

    oh and i just about forgot - the best part of my time there??? when on the spur of the moment we decided to go for a drive. couple of hours later we were having a coffee in Paris. Bloody amazing. everything so close. London is the perfect base, stay there but make sure you see as much of Europe as you can.

    i'd be looking at this situation as you being lucky mate. do it.
  6. yep. been there, done that one. absolutely f*!kg charming innit? couldn't find the courage to let you know something's not working and the time has come to move on. i love the bit when you find out five months later they'd been having an affair for months while telling you it's all your fault and robbing you of your life-savings while they're at it :LOL:

    sorry, i digress. yeah yeah, i'm a dual citizen as well. haven't been to london for a long time but lived there for a coupla years and found temp work and stuff really easy to pick up and a truckload of other aussies doing the same. hang around Notting Hill pubs and you'll pick up all the info you need.

    Good idea of Movin's to get your bank account set up before you get there. it takes weeks. it's a nightmare.

    i'll be back there for 3 weeks 23rd May - 13th June to visit fam and friends. thinking of hiring a bike while i'm there and going wandering. will also be going to the Silverstone F1 on the 11th June and looking for company. PM me if you wanna hook up :grin:
  7. I particlarly loved Scotland. Like the UK but not so 'grubby big city' as London.

    You'll be fine. Don't forget your drinkin' boots.

    Sorry to hear about your missus. Sounds like it's for the best though mate, and believe me there's plenty o' fine wenches over there for the enterprising swordsman.
  8. If you haven't done the paperwork for your dual citizenship you should b4 you go. Just because you are entitled you still need to apply pay the money and wait for it to turn up.