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O/T Something needs to be done.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dale, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. old people drivers are just scary :shock:
    im always scared when i see a old lady or man next to me ..
    must be far in frount or way back... never near
  2. from the article....
    "Ms Muir got the car's registration number, and police have since spoken to the elderly woman and are investigating whether she can keep her licence."

    errrr... NO! :evil:
    she's 80 for crying out loud...
    there should be an age limit put on driving, because many will only stop driving ONCE they've had THAT accident. (ironically probably me too).
    the amount of times I've read.. '....the elderly driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake" etc. :evil:
  3. It shouldn't be a blanket limit, it should be regular retesting (and for everyone!)... say every 10 years.

    There are older drivers who are better than some middle aged or young drivers and the reverse is also true.

    A blanket cancel licences at a particular age rule would be unfair to those who are still capable.
  4. I agree there should be regualr tests above a certain age, I thought in Tassie there was such a test if you were over 75. Not sure.

    I know this strech of road and it wouldn't be the first time that has happen there.
  5. And from what I've heard from a couple of very reliable sources, there are reports of people travelling the wrong way down that stretch of road on average twice a week.

    And it's almost exclusively elderly drivers.

  6. I used to live on the hill beside that road and yes it did happen a bit. It's just plain scary and I'me sure teh ajoining intersection at Lea could be easily fixed. It's a fairly basic road.

    I guess they are waiting for someone to die first.
  7. You mean again......... :?

    My in-laws down there are pushing hard at the moment for changes.
  8. Some older drivers definately need to get off the roads - was nearly hit yesterday by one driving on the wrong side of the road in a carpark (even though they were doing no more than about 5 kph). They seem to fixate on a small area of space just ahead of their vehicle and don't seem to be aware of what's around them.
  9. my grandma lives in New Zealand, she's 85 and she has to have regular driving tests.

    still has her licence though - she passes every time.
  10. My understanding was, that once you passed seventy you had to take your test every year. Is that not the case?
  11. Agree with the regular testing, the frequency of which would become an issue...
    a lot can happen to an elderly persons ability within a year, let alone 10years.
    Some lose their marbles verrry rapidly :(
  12. I remember a couple of years back there was this old codger (in a Sigma I think - aren't they always...) that got on to the F3 (the Syd-Newcastle freeway) through an off ramp and ended up going aabut 50km in the wrong direction before the cops were finally able to pull him over and explain that he was going the wrong way.

    The poor bloke didn't have a clue what was going on. I'm pretty sure they pulled his licence...
  13. Don't they have those huge "Wrong Way - Go Back" signs to, well indicate that you're going the wrong way???
  14. Yeah?!
    They should have regular testing here too (say every ten years) for people over 50. No offense to anyone in this forum!!! (regular testing should be mandatory for any age people who get speeding fines or accidents, etc too)

    But I know my own ma & pa (mid 50's) could do with a brush up on road rules and safe driving. I figure it would at least encourage them to either learn to drive safer (take a course or something) or consider stopping driving all together.

    As its been said in the thread already... does it take a life for someone to realise they cant drive? :roll:
  15. Agree 100%. Every 5 years between 60 and 80, every 2 years after that. When you reach 9 points on your license, license re-test at that point and every 2 years after that if you still have 9 points or more.
  16. I commute that road twice a day, I struggle to understand how you could go the wrong way, unless you were a very confused, frightened elderly person. (no offence to these people, but an indication of poor roads)

    They've just finished millions of $$ worth of "upgrades" to the Kingston intersection of Southern outlet, Channel highway and Huon valley highway. (note : in this case, Highway is a quaint local euphanism for "goat track")

    It involves overpasses, poor signage, legally impossible to change lanes once you find yourself stuck on the channel highway off road. An extra roundabout and feeder lane into an already overloaded access to the channel goat track and Kingston suburbs. Add the imminent opening of a large shopping complex in Kingston that will increase the traffic in that area.

    It is truly a great example of modern council, gum'nt and comittee at there finest.

    <sigh> nothing changes........

    Someone will die on that road very frequently whilst it continues to be the main artery for the fastest growing municipality in the state (some claim fastest growing in the country), it's only 2 lanes either way, suddenly stops at either end into traffic lights or single lane roads. Incredible.

    Accidents on the Outlet are multiple daily events, including serious injury accidents.

  17. Again I see a certain age as being the cut off point from being capable to not so.

    60? Get knotted. I am 60. So cut it out you whippers snappers. Most of you obviously don't know the rules at all. At least I have experience on my side.

    What do I see. Speeding, cutting in and out of lanes, all sorts of things.

    And don't the under 25s kill more people that anyone else?

    So if you see a tanker or B double driver over 60, watch yourselves, he is past it and can't drive.


    No seriously, there are some shockers out there. Fixation is a real problem, Most never use the mirrors in case they take their eyes off the road for a sec.

    But then again do you ever see that 19yo fem looking straight ahead cutting you off and speeding in her little buzz box (purple)? No? Come down here and see as many as you want.

    Should have a driving test every 5 yrs or so. Perhaps after 70. I would like to see free retesting for over 60s so that they can see if they are safe. Not have it forced on them.

    I reckon the current real old drivers are a problem because most started with old clunkers and have not adapted. In the future, say 10-20 yrs, older drivers will be much better because they have grown up with fast traffic.
  18. Absolutely no Wrong way go back signs anywhere.
    We were at that entry point where cat's accident happened and the signage was useless.
    I can understand why an elderly person could get confused
    My suggestion though extreme is to have those one way spikes on that exit point so that any wrong way driver shreds his tyres.
  19. They can still blow out tyres when going over them the wright way.

    What happens when there is a pile up on that road? How do you get emergency services up there in a hurry? It would take too long to bolt the spikes down.

    There should be, at the very minimum huge WRONG WAY GO BACK signs at every access point to that road if it's a common occurance.