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O/T Help Please with Computers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Pink Angel, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. I know there are some computer experts on this site, so I thought I might ask for some help.

    Yesterday, I switched back to Telstra and signed up for Broadband. When all the work had been done, I was informed by the guy that my computer was too old to support Broadband and so I could not have access.

    So my problem is, I need a new computer immediately. I have seen from time to time, that people advise against getting one from the big stores. But I dont want to go to a small dealer and get ripped off blind.

    I do not know much about the workings of computers, so what I am after is any recommendations of a computer salesperson that will be straight/honest with me. I live in Bentleigh

    Any recomendations or advice would be appreciated :)
  2. ok wait? What operating system are you using (windows 98, windows 2000, windows xp for example?) and do you know what sort of processor is in the machine?
  3. at the risk of getting flamed, I would get a DELL. Their basic desktops are very good value.. I just ordered a stack of desktops in the last week. $1165 delivered for 2.8 P4 / 512 MB / 80GB drive / 19" LCD with a three year onsite. You wont get one immediately though..
  4. what is the computer?? it'd have to be pretty damn old to no be able to surf the net :p

    i've been using centrecom for a while now, very good to deal with, no troubles with returns and very reasonably priced....

    the DVD xpress pc would be more than enuff for what you seem to need there (could probably get it cheaper if you're happy with a CRT monitor)
    just grab a cheap workstation (start at $350) and use your old monitor and bits :grin:
  5. Since the Telstra guy can't sell you a PC, it's hard to imagine he's trying to sell you on a new one unless you DO need an upgrade.

    Most of the big retailers sell brand-name PCs and the warranty is carried by the manufacturer. That said, most of the big retailers charge too much for what you get!

    So, a Netrider who lives near you has the opportunity to sell you a new machine (or at least upgrade your old one), install and set it up, and offer you on-going support

  6. What do you use your PC for? Just for briadband? That will dictate what type of PC you get.
  7. Some technical questions there fixed. All I know is that I have an IBM computer which I bought 6 years ago. It has windows 98 on it.
  8. If you got a windows 98 machine with an ethernet card you shouldnt have any trouble using telstra broadband. you just plug into their router and away it goes with minimal configuration. They just freak if they dont see a machine with XP on it.. too hard for em
  9. but yeah, i'd be looking at that first. sounds like telstra just dont feel like stuffing around with an older OS or something, because a bloody P200 is able to use broadband FFS :LOL:
  10. Get A Mac!
  11. http://www.cpl.net.au

    for the cheapest new systems I've seen *if you need to buy new*

    As the others said, you can surf the net on pentiums+ and other low spec machines. Let us know your current system first for proper advice :)

    *edit* also if you can, stay away from telstra for broadband. They are expensive compared to other ISPs :)
  12. He may be telling you to get a new computer because some broadband providers use an application to connect to their network. If this is the case with Telstra then maybe they don't supply software that runs with Windows 98 (98 doesn't do IPSec easily). The fix for this would be to upgrade to XP but if your computer doesn't have enough memory to go up to XP and be useable then they would tell you to upgrade the computer rather than install more memory and upgrade the OS.

    What you need to do is find out whether your computer will accept more memory (go for at the very least 512M8) and if so, upgrade with Windows XP.

    My personal recommendation if you are going to buy a new computer, get an Apple. That way if you're not very computer literate, you won't have to worry so much about stuffing around with security patches and virus protection. If you go for a new PC, then get the Dell which is probably the best of breed of name brands and is competitive in price with clones. It is probably worth spending extra money on a warranty better than the one in the box too if you can.

  13. Ok, a lot of advice here, so I will try and answer them all.

    I bought the IBM, new, six years ago and I remember it was the latest at the time. I have been on Optus cable until yesterday and the computer handled it fine.

    The Telstra technician just happened to run a computer business on the side and said he could provide me with everything I need for $1000. I dont trust him, so that is why I am asking here.

    I know I do need a new system as I have been struggling with space on my old computer. Also I am in the throes of starting a new part time business, which will need computer support and so I know I will need a new computer.

    I would like to have someone in my area, because I know I will need ongoing support. I will be needing to have someone design and set up a web site for the business shortly.
  14. Why, is it raining???? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Where are you? Do you want a new computer? Its likely the telstra guy was just being lazy but still maybe you want a new machine?

    Centrecom next door to my work in Hawthorn are very good to us.. If you actually want to buy something from them (they are as cheap as anyone but are they handy) We can get em to look after you.

    Failing that I might have something marginally better lying around

  16. I tell you what, if I didnt have to run autocad I would have a mac..

  17. That just answered your question :)
  18. Computer fairs are the way to go...

    I built a 3.2Ghz Pentium IV
    1GB RAM
    ATI 9800XT 256MB Video Card
    + much more

    all for under $1000... of course it helps to know how to put them together.
  19. Hmmmm I just built a lab.. for 2K :)

    Of course it helps to know how to put em together
  20. If you're running optus cable before then you have zero need of a new machine.

    ADSL is broadband over a phone line, cable is broadband which uses your payTV connection.

    Both of these connect to an appropriate modem which feeds the data to and from your computer.

    The Telstra guy is trying to either rip you off, or doesn't want to support your machine. Either way it deserves a complaint.