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O/T Guitarist Question

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by PJ2, May 8, 2006.

  1. Because I know a bit but not much about guitars. I was wondering you could please help me out.

    I know I have to try each guitar, which I am planning on doing this week. But from experience and on paper, which guitar would you prefer/ which would be better.

    Washburn WI64DL


    Ibanez SZ320BK

    Ibanez SZ520QM

  2. Uh, what was the middle one?
  3. :? :? Which one ?

    The top two are Washburns, and the bottom two are Ibanez's.

    Edit: Or anyother good guitar/ quality guitar around $800 to 900
  4. Dont buy it from ALLANS MUSIC. They are wankers and hike the prices up seriously. I used to work there.

    Washburn......YUK !

    Id go ibanez but with a guitar its a feel thing. Kinda like a bike.
    Dont buy if you not played....

    Good luck
  5. Hey. At this rate it seems what guitar you like, you get.
    I'd get the Ibanez in quilted maple... just more my style.

    But yeah.. for entry level guitar, they're pretty much all okay anyways... Just give it a good service and you should be okay. :]
    If you want any tips, ask me. =P
  6. Depends on what you're trying to do (as per bikes) :grin: I have an oooold Ibanez Les Paul copy and it's an awesome guitar, I will never part with it. I have had Corts, Fenders and a couple of other el cheapo brands. At the end of the day I think the playing action and the sound they produce is the main factor, so go try them all :) What style of music are you mainly playing?
  7. I am sort of involved in a cover band, which involves 80's stuff;
    Ballroom blitz,
    Summer of 69
    Jesies girl etc.

    Also, Maroon 5
    Bon Jovi

    And a lot more, but that is mostly the style. Anything except for Heavy metal etc.
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  9. i was after a cheapish semi-hollow body and did heaps of research and eventually went with a greg bennett samick royale 2. www.harmony-central.com had heaps of user reviews.

    i thought it was important to have a set neck and stiffness for sustain so that's why i picked the royale 2 instead of the first gen. i don't like the PUs - they get a bit muddy too easily. but i spent $480 for a bedroom only guitar and it's great for that. i wouldn't hesitate to gig with it but it's pretty heavy. the tuning gear and finish is quite good. i'd only consider a bigsby and new PUs if i was going to use this for more work.

    i know it's not really what you're looking for but might be something else to consider. the stock playing action is a little high for lead work but a little tweaking to suit your own tastes will sort that out. good luck and have fun testing out some new axes.
  10. Hiya

    There are very few totally crap guitars, but there are a lot of guitars with crap setups out of the box.

    Buy your guitar from a shop that does their own setups, including fret surfacing, attention to fret ends, pickup heights, neck relief, etc. If this doesn't mean much to you then ask them to explain it to you. If they're worth buying a guitar from they'll be happy to spend the time. If not then you're in the wrong shop! Tell them what kind of material you play, whether you mainly play rhythm or lead, and they'll be able to do a setup that will be around the mark for you. In a month or two go back and talk to them about it and they'll be able to tweak the setup to suit, and maybe suggest a change of string gauge (most new guitars come with 10 - 46's) which will also entail a slight adjustment to the intonation.

    I'm confident that your out of the box EpiPhone from Allan's won't come with this kind of attention and after sales service... at best they'll drop the action and adjust the intonation... but their guitars are cheap. If you do buy from someone like Allan's then budget another $50 - $70 for the setup at another shop. In most cases you'll find it better to pay a little bit more from a smaller shop that does their own work because overall you'll save money. Confidence in your guitar makes a big difference, especially when you're starting out.

    Don't just look at the "name" brands. There are a few factories that make guitars for the big names but they also make guitars under other names at amazingly low prices.

    I don't have a vested interest in this, 'cos I only make funny little guitars that no one else wants to make. JupiterCreekMusic.com is my website if you're interested in seeing some of my stuff!