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[O/T] Beware the Killer Eel

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Killer eel strikes again
    By Brendan Roberts
    July 22, 2005
    A GIANT killer eel has roused from the murky waters of the Yarra to claim its second victim.

    Eddie the giant eel, named after its first victim - a Jack Russell dog - reportedly claimed the life of an unsuspecting goose on Wednesday night.
    It seems the slippery sea monster's appetite has outgrown the waters of Tommy Finn's trout farm and it has moved upstream into the Yarra River in Warburton to stalk its prey.

    Trout farm manager Gary Wales said a man, looking as white as a ghost, entered the trout farm late Wednesday night, claiming the serpent had snatched a goose he had been feeding.

    "He was fishing on the Yarra in Warburton and feeding bread to the geese and apparently the water swirled around and the goose disappeared - Eddie the eel just swallowed him up," Mr Wales said.

    He rejected as scuttlebutt suggestions the eel was a myth designed to generate publicity.

    The attack follows another incident in April when fisherman Chris Healy said he was pulled into the water by "something unknown" - also thought to have been the work of Eddie.

    Do we have any members up in that area????

    (courtesy of www.news.com.au)
  2. Ah, c'mon, guys, this was FUNNY!
  3. The whole thing is a beat-up, RC.

    Tommy Finns has been going a lonnnng time, but the management changed about 18 months ago.

    It is a nice enough park area with 3 fishing lakes. It used to be free entry and $6 /kg for the fish caught, and was well frequented. Now it's $6 head entry and $8 /kg. (Try taking 5 kids there and see how the wallet drains).

    When we had some decent rains, the manager claimed in the papers that this big eel had got into the ponds when the Yarra flooded. He started a $1000 prize competition, and charged $15 /head to enter it. Of course, no-one ever caught it......

    Every three weeks, regular as clockwork on a Thursday night, someone would claim to have seen it or almost caught it ("head the size of a dog", "broke my 100kg breaking line", "duck disappeared before my eyes", ad nauseum). Of course, this meant a story in the news (on the TV and in the paper), a byline for which was this $1000 prize. Fortuitous timing for the weekend trade, eh?

    Given the ponds are only about 30-50 metres across, the manager had to find a reason no-one has been able to catch it. Now it has taken a goose in the Yarra, he doesn't have to explain to all the geese he has taken in the scam, er... I mean "hunt". Fotunate again, eh?

    Yeah, I know. I just a cynical old bastard. :twisted:
  4. Aha, well that's where local knowledge comes in you see. Being a NSW'er I wouldn't have known that. I remember years ago there was this on-going thing about a monster supposedly in the bush at Wonthaggi too. Don't know if anything ever came of that, but it was probably in the same league as the killer eel.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  5. Just a beat-up like nil_orialy said. The Wales’s have been notoriously in the news and on the grapevine in the valley for more years than most can remember. From magically disappearing bulldozes to dropping tiger snakes in the bar of the local.
    Eddie the eel is just small fry try and ignore it and it will go away. I suppose it has helped trade at the fish farm though.
  6. It's a very quiet spot.....

    ..... up there at the head of the valley, and they need something to stir up the tourist trade, what better than their own Loch Ness Eel???? What they're NOT telling you about is the Killer Platypus of Riverside Drive!!! :)