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nzbmatrix dead

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by blackadder, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. looks like nzbmatrix is dead..

    sad days.. :(

    any one got an invite to a different site?
  2. Thanks mate.. new bookmark added :D

    I'll also join the 'please send me an invite to a private NZB indexer' chorus too though, thanks.
  3. Might just be down for a while? Hopefully not shutdown after merlins portal got canned.

    Nzbs r us is another

    Also gingadaddy.com


    Would love an invite for nzbs.org if anyone can help

  4. Looks like nzbmatrix will be gone forever judging by the message on their site. I had a really good run with them, well worth the 10 bucks or whatever it was.

    I sensed a global panic on the internet today. Everyone looking for a new indexing site. The other nzb sites weren't working this morning.. Probably experiencing a hoorrah of traffic :)

    I had a nice sick beard+couch potato+sabnzbd thing going on.. Anyway its likely to be another natural force; we must adapt and evolve our methods.. :) although it may mark the decline of Usenet. I've heard Usenet servers are being forced to remove content...
  5. Yes sites around the world are doing nuts. Most have closed their registrations.

    Nzbs.in its a good site - but they have closed their registrations this morning. Apparently works a treat with sickbeard. I haven't been able to get my nzb's working yet, but i am sure i am just doing something wrong.

    I imagine other sites may fold too due to the DMCA action that is occurring.
  6. I still haven't evolved from the normal file host days - I pay $40 every six months for a 15+ file host in 1 account.

    I thought the whole point of usenet was that the governments couldn't do anything about it.
  7. I sure hope this is not the case :eek:

    The reason I like it is it's always full speed and no sharing so I can leech and pay the $10 and internode offers premium Usenet include.

    Back to using MIRC? Hope not, probably have to suffer with torrents if this happens
  8. Plus, usenet is a free service for Internode customers :]
  9. No need to go back to torrents yet. Plenty of options out there to use Usenet
  10. agree. i got on nzbs.in before it shut the gate... its powered by newznab so api works straight out of the box with sickbeard.
  11. I really need to get sickbeard happening. So lazy.
  12. Hmm, everything i *cough* "look at" yesterday had been DCMA'd from all the usenet servers I have access to.

    Looks like they're finally catching on.
  13. Are they still doing invites? :) I'm in NZB refugee status over here..
  14. I guess i'm incredibly behind the times still using torrents. Never had any issues so haven't needed to look elsewhere
  15. Torrent leech if you can get someone to invite you.
    Tried usenet wasn't that impressed.

    For my part though I only get tv shows that have been on tv here lol.
  16. For a moment there I though nzbmatrix was someone's user name.

    FWIW although megaupload and others have died file sharing sites are still very much alive and active (and a lot less traceable than torrents or usenet).
  17. Nzb-matrix.EU

    Registration open. Its a new site, so index is very new.
  18. all this talk of illegal downloads...DAMN YOU BASTARDS...now i'm considering modding my old sexbox 360 n burning games from the net....I ALREADY WASTE ENOUGH TIME WITHOUT THIS TO HELP...AND I'M TOO STUBBORN TO WALK AWAY FROM SUCH IDEA'S