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NZ_ride, how did the gear stack up?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. After 5 weeks of giving it hell day-in, day-out it was time to check the gear thoroughly during the post-ride cleanup.

    8 riders, 8000km, dust, rain, dirt, grime and everyday wear and tear,
    let's look at averages...and some of the good/ bad.

    3 Shoeis, 2 Arais, one THH cheapie...
    Only the THH came out badly. Consistent wear packed the liner real quick, making it sloppy. Noise levels were on a par with the other helmets.
    Straps, lining materials and fittings markedly worn (some due to several days worth of stubble? :)) Still not bad for a A$130 helmet though...

    Used as general gear as well as occasional riding. The older ones seem to be better finished (stitching and weight of denim) than the newer cargos.
    Cargos dry quicker (lighter material). 3-day old cow-shit is a biatch to remove if they have to be worn to dinner at night and have to be dry by then :))

    Various incl. 3 prs. of TigerAngel.
    All lived through their bug-splatting times real-well, a quick wipe-down with a well-dampened rag was all that's needed. CE-protectors did their job in some small "incidents".

    Damaged zip on an older AXO leather jacket, which had seen extensive wear prior to the ride.
    3 fairly newish DriRider Arctic jackets continued their "fraying" ways. Stitching coming loose, velcro dis-assembling itself in strips and strands, liners stretching out the sleeves continuously due to busted attachment-points (rivets/ loops), all 3 jackets also leaked quite badly in the front and from the shoulders down both arms...and that even during fairly light showers (YES, everyone made sure of properly closing the zips/ weatherstrips/ press-studs etc.)

    Also annoying: water running into the outside pockets, everything in there got soaked well and good.
    An old DriRider of undeterminable age didn't show any of those traits.

    The Joe Rocket jacket (sorry, no model name visible but it's about 3 years old and consistet of 3 separate jackets fitting into eachother. Liner/ Goretex membrane/ outer shell) of our Hawaiin friend also stood up to the punishment real well.

    Overpants/ Rainpants/ Wets:
    2 sets of Rivet Rainlock Oversuits (1 piece/ diagonal zips) did a good job, no leaks whatsoever (when done up properly).
    3 sets of $25-35 thin overpants leaked where else but the crotch area....
    2 sets were sealed with general purpose silicon, smeared liberally over those internal seams and despite some of the silicon slowly flaking off during wear/ handling, they're still waterproof now.
    The 3. pair became a write off after a massive hole appeared (the usual exhaust-pipe fatality :)) in the right lower leg.

    The cheap MotoLine A$35 items stained the hands for days on end once they got wet, stitching came undone...they barely made it through.
    Also very questionable re: protection.
    A pair of 2 year old AGV gloves (around A$180) did much better in all respects. Little wear of any kind. The leather in the palm area had stretched over time, bunching up and causing very noticable callouses as time went on.
    Coming into their 5th year now, the 2 pairs of German-made Held Galaxy (RRP about A$350 plus) haven't dropped a single stitch anywhere (despite some small offs over the years and subsequent ground-contact). Apart from a change of colour and a fraying size-tag on one glove they're still in as-new condition.
    No bleeding colours/ discomfort/problems....ever.
    No getting hard and brittle/ perishing in the palm area or brittle stitching through extended use with heated grips (Kangaroo-leather palms).
    Both the Galaxy and new Krypton model have recently received accreditation as a certified safety-item under the new Euro Safety directives/ standards.

    Boots: (all road boots)
    1 new pair of middle-of-the-range Gaerne's (about A$350).
    Labelled "waterproof", they actually have been so far. Excessive wear on the velcro parts for the time-of-use thus far.
    1 pair of 7-year old Frank Thomas Goretex (bought as a single-pair leftover then). Looking a bit tatty now, they're still totally waterproof.
    Sole-attachment is getting questionable at some spots and velcro is getting 'stringy"...not bad for all those years of punishment. Great as a hiking-boot, too.

    2 prs. newish Daytona Roadstar GTX (Goretex).
    few words needed here, super-comfy, waterproof, great hiking-boots, both users swear by them. For those with a "smelly-feet-problem": this is the one for you ! A hefty A$540 RRP and worth every penny. Pretty useless Australian Importer.

    Panniers/ Luggage:
    2 sets of well used Givi's panniers on 2 hire-bikes showed their age/ use. Plastic was brittle/ sharp-edged, jamming locks resulted in a broken key.
    4 newish Hepco and Becker TC50 topboxes proverd VERY roomy, dust and waterproof, nobody wants to miss them anymore.
    2 sets Hepco/Becker Junior 40 panniers: Both owners love them. 1 left pannier wasn't clipped in properly one morning and came off in a lefthander at 90kmh, bounced a few times on the asphalt, then the gravel before disappearing down a steep embankment and finally getting caught by a barb-wire-fence. Scrapes/ gouges all around, one of the locks received a major hit.
    It stayed closed and in shape. After retrieval it clipped straight back onto the bike, it's still fully funtional, nothing broken/ripped/ split/ whatever.
    Also still fully water and dust-proof. Same pannier copped a hiding a few days prior when the bike fell over on soft ground, it held up the bike and prevented other damage. It's an unreserved recommendation.
    Buy again? OHH, YEAH !!

    1 set Hepco/Becker Journey42 panniers:
    Roomier than the Junior-series, but only single-wall design. Half-painted lids (looks good, but useless for touring). Base and lid are about equal size (box splits in half), which makes packing and holding things in place way more fiddly than the "deep-box-shallow lid" design of the Junior-series.

    1 DriRider Bag/ extendable side pockets A$170
    It held up well considering the abuse. The only luggage that leaked.
    The zipper in the top-lid is un-protected and un-covered (unlike the Ventura bags where the zip is rather in the sidewall of the bag and has a covering lip over it as well.

    Bits and pieces:
    Coated visors/ Iridium: Useless on tours, way too much care needs to be taken to prevent scratches.
    Sunnies: A$200 Bolle's make the same noise when sitting on them as A$10 El Cheapo's.
    Cheap Multitools/ Leatherman copies: Not worth taking along, snapping blades/ attachments at first use can be harmful.

    1500mAh NI-MH AA-size Batteries (Powerhaus-brand, rechargeables) from Camera-World stores have done the full 5 weeks and 500shots each in the Canon A60 and A70 digi-cams....whithout a single recharge.
    (Screen turned off, shooting via viewfinder only, NO editing/ watching/ checking shots).
    Both sets are still in the cameras and going.

    Yammie R1/ 99 model/ 50.000odd km before ride:
    No probs whatsoever. Minor scratches to clutch cover and plastics in a 30kmh slide on it's side.

    Moto Guzzi Breva 750/ 2004 model/ 1900km before ride:
    Shonky starter button preventing perfect starting for 2 days until we found the problem. Jury-rigged to work fine but needs replacement.
    Busted headlight and broken front indicator stalk after hitting the rear end of the V-Strom. Unmarked otherwise. Hepco/ Becker panniers prevented damage in one other "fall-over" in deeeep gravel.
    Chewed out the OEM-rear tyre at 7000km.
    Otherwise no probs at all.

    Aprilia Pegaso 650/ 99 model/ 11.000km before ride:
    One "fall over" on sofdt ground, panniers prevented other possible damage. The lonely single didn't show any problems apart from some dirty thermo-fan-switch contacts which stopped the fan from working for 1 day until we found the problem (of course, after buying some bits to jury-rig a manual switch into the circuit :))

    Suzie DL650 (Hire bike) 2004 model/ 8.000km before ride:
    No probs here either, the Baby-Strom ran fine day after day.
    Broken indicator stalk after soft-ground fall-over.

    BMW F650 GS (Hire bike) 2000model/ 53.000km before ride:
    No problems again, a bit worn looking but spooled it's 2-week tour of duty without a problem.

    Suzie GSXR1000/ 2001/ 38.000km before ride
    Dead reliable, no incident, no probs...hit the button and ride.
    Finally needs a new chain (still running it's OEM item).

    Suzie V-Strom 1000/ 2002/22.000km before ride:
    The jack-of-all-trades of the bunch. Pack-mule, preferred shopping-bike, dink-it-into-town 2-up-choice...again no problems here apart from the big twin merrily chewing through its OEM-chain/ sprockets... only juuust making it home with the adjustments to the stop.

  2. Yep I think I will have to start saving for a set of the Daytonas as well. Does anyone know what shops should stock them?
  3. None at the moment :( As Pete said, a poor importer and Daytona changing their range. Would have brought myself a pair last week if anywhere had them.

    A fantastic review Pete, very much appreciated.
  4. thanks for that Pete :)
  5. The Daytona agency was taken over about 8-10mths ago.
    It's now ProAccessories in QLD, get onto Greg (if you can ever get a hold of him). (07) 3392 0444

    The previous importer let stocks run down before a sellout and there was only a pile of the model "Flash" that actually changed warehouses. The "Flash" is the main non-GoreTex Daytona. A very small number of other models made it into the shops, again flogged still by the previous importer.
    The stock ProAccessories took over consisted nearly exclusively of the Flash model.
    A1 and Stevos/Ringwood had some stocks from that pre-take-over sellout.

    Being a fairly high-priced shelf-item, it's easy to understand low stock levels, but the current importer seems to be not really interested in getting on with it.
    Catching up with Greg 5 mins ago, he told me that they'll only bring in the Flash, one other non-Goretex model plus a new model called Bandit (supposedly Goretex) as STANDARD ITEMS, no other boots out of the huge range that Daytona offers. He reckons he couldn't sell them (on price), going by the sales-charts over the past 10 years.

    I rather think they're shooting themselves in the foot by not bringing in the single most-sold boot in Europe, the Roadstars GTX (Goretex).
    Looks like the cheaper stuff is all the Aussie market will wear (according to them). However, he did offer to bring in whatever I like, IF I buy minimum numbers off them (shipments are quarterly).

  6. There's a classsic chicken and egg for you. That's the difference between an underfunded returns-within-30-days company and a long-term player.
  7. Them or me?
    I'd be game enough to go with a dozen pairs at a time (and the full gamut of GST etc etc ), still means 5k on the shelf or so...
    but would a few sales straight up to soften the pinch....
    Don't know if people would want to wait if their size isn't in stock at the time and wait could be up to 3 months, though....
  8. Naw, Pete, them. If someone decides to be in business for the long term, then nthey need to realise it is about SERVICE. That means products available when the CUSTOMER wants them.

    Anybody can run a business at a profit in the short term. Just stock the 10 most popular lines. Problem with this is bad publicity follows from people who don't fit in that demographic.

    I ran a company for 15 years with locally-made product that was more expensive than the imports of our multi-national competitors. We did this with SERVICE. It can be done.
  9. In regards to the Daytona boots, I found the Lady Star GTX on the Daytona website, and contacted the melbourne importer listed on the Daytona site (out melton way, he normally does only speedway stuff)
    When i contacted the melton guy, he contacted QLD to see if they get the boot i wanted in, but no luck, however, he offered to get a pair in for me whenever i want. Now just gotta save the $$$.

    If your really interested in the boots, you can try any other daytona boot for size (if your a 41 in the flash, you will be a 41 in any other model, unlike many australian brands of shoes) and maybe try calling the melbourne guy and see if he can get them in for you.

  10. The sole importer is actually ProAccessories, Qld.

    Which can take up to 3 months since they only batch-order every quarter.

    Yo, found that out too.
    Btw After taking off the steel kicker-plate and grinding down the underlaying rubber lip, the Trans Open GTX makes one hell of a touring boot :)) ....and still feels like a pair of moccies.
  11. Not according to either the Daytona site or the guy in melton himself.

    As i said, he normally doesnt import the general range, only the speedway stuff, but was willing to import the boots i wanted when i was ready.
    From memory, he also said he imports more often then once every three months.

    Please see:

  12. Note: he's listed as a dealer, not the importer. It says "all products" in the ProAccess. header (all products, what a joke)

    Which most probably accounts for the (apart from Flash and new Bandit) the Speed Master being the 3. entry on the Pro Access. current stock list they faxed me today.