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[NZ] Running out of fuel may be a crime!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Running out of fuel may become NZ crime
    By New Zealand correspondent Kerri Ritchie

    New Zealand drivers trying to squeeze the last kilometre out of an empty fuel tank may soon face more than just the embarrassment of breaking down.

    Moves are underway to make it illegal for people to run out of petrol on Auckland's motorways.

    New Zealand police say they have noticed a big increase in the number of people running out of fuel since petrol prices soared last year.

    more at: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/08/25/2666005.htm

    And how long before the money hungry lot here think this is a wonderful idea?

  2. Maybe soon.

    I object for the following reasons:

    1) The price of fuel (like lots of things in Australia) never seems to really go down as much as it should when trading conditions change. We seem to be the suckers in the pacific who will pay what we're told to pay.
    The government's GST on an excise (tax on a tax) is partly to blame for this - ergo, if people are buying less fuel, running out, causing problems: it's the government's own fault.

    2) ANYONE who's vehicle breaks down or is involved in a minor accident, who doesn't get their vehicle off the roadway when they have the ability to do so (instead just sitting there with their hazard lights on f***ing up traffic) should get fined eleventy bajillion dollars.

    2.a) And everyone who slows down to take a look at these idiots should get fined 2 x eleventy bajillion dollars.
  3. it is an offence if you run out of fuel on the auckland bridge. Can't remember the fine, wasn't to large though.
  4. It's not that hard to stop at a garage and top up and blocking a lane of a busy motorway in peak hour for a completely avoidable reason should attract a fine. That can (and does) interfere with hundreds of other motorists.

    Sure sure I can hear some people saying, what if they haven't got any money for fuel?

    Simple... if your car doesn't have enough fuel and you don't have enough money to put fuel in it THEN DON'T DRIVE IT ON THE MOTORWAY! :roll:
  5. Your lack of $ doesn't give you the right to stuff other people around :mad:
  6. I thought you could get fined for running out of fuel in the Burnley or Domain tunnels already?
    Much the same thing really.
    Also it is a fine not a crime…
    There is a difference
  7. I don't understand why people drive around with a near empty tank. It takes the same amount of money to drive around with a half full or full tank, only you don't constantly suck sludge from the bottom of your tank through your filters and injecters/carby. It's a bit of a peasant mentality IMO, plan ahead.
  8. I have always wondered about this…
    If you always only use the top half of your tank then you will build up a nice deposit of sludge, then if you hit the bottom of your tank you are fubar.
    If you always go through your tank then wouldn’t you keep the sludge level down, by metering it out (So to speak) this would allow your system to progressively clean its way through it wouldn’t it?
  9. running low tank levels can allow corrosion in your petrol tank, you should always fill the tank up periodically.(at least with older cars)
  10. People with more experience than me with dealing with broken down cars have cited a cause as running the tank right down. I'm skeptical, what with the sloshing and whatnot as you get down to even a 1/4 tank, but who am I to argue. And it's still a peasant mentality, running around with an empty tank putting in $5 and $10 here and there.
  11. Never admit to running out of fuel on a race track. The recovery guys won't pick you up and it can be a long way to push your bike.
  12. Another reason to always keep your fuel topped up is that fuel pumps that are situated inside the fuel tank rely on the fuel to cool them. Run the tank low on a regular basis and you will accelerate wear on the fuel pump. It could overheat on a hot day.
  13. Some people don't have as much money as you and me mate.
  14. Yes they will but you'll be the butt of several jokes as the fact you ran out of fuel will be know by everyone in the paddock area within seconds :LOL:

    AFAIK it was a bit of a lurk by uni students to deliberately run out of juice on the Tulla so the City Link truck would give them $10 of fuel to get rid of them quickly but I believe they've closed that loop hole by making them pay for it or simply pushing the car off the tollway into a servo.

    I've run out of LPG in the past but have always had the option of flicking to petrol without having to stop til I can get to a servo.
  15. Running low

    Condensation on the inside of the tank causes a small amount of water to form at the bottom as petrol is lighter than water. On old tanks this can cause corrosion. It is recommended as part of regular maintenance to drain the tank completely to remove this build up. Running the fuel level low in of itself will not cause particles or water to be ingested to the engine unless there is a build up caused by lack of regular maintenance to clear it.

    Modern fuel pumps inside the tank do use the fuel to keep cool and it reads in the owners manual not to run extended periods of low fuel on these.

    As more of our freedoms are handed to private enterprise the more this sort of ridiculousness will prevail.
  16. I know what you mean, I've got a few mates with sportscars they always have about $5 in at any given time :LOL: Logically they'd fill up as much as possible when fuel is at its cheapest eg tues or weds whatever. Only explanation I can think of is lack of intelligence or lack of willpower (only filling up in bits in pieces to somehow encourage driving less..or something). I say lack of intelligence since stopping at the servo 5 times a day wastes a tonne of petrol in trips to the servo (often not on the way).
  17. Maybe it should be illegal to not waddle off the bike and offer a hand to push the car off the roadway. You meet the nicest girls that way, too. (Too bad the missus would object! :LOL: )