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[NZ] Riders get a $500 levy!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. Motorcyclists say there will be loud protests against the proposed $500 ACC levy increase on large bikes.

    "It's ludicrous - what are they thinking of?" Motorcycling New Zealand chief executive Paul Pavletich said.

    Owners of bikes over 601cc will see their annual ACC levy increase from $252.69 to $745.77 under the proposal.

    Those owning bikes from 126cc to 600cc face an increase from $252.69 to $511.43.

    The nation's 20,000 moped owners each face a $58.97 jump in the licence portion of the ACC levy to $257.58. Mopeds – classed as having a power output of two kilowatts or less and a maximum design speed of 50kmh – will be lumped in with small motorcycles.

    The proposed levy increases are on top of motorcycle registration - currently $129.98.

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  2. Wowza, everyone is going down the Canadian route!
  3. Looks like it will only force more unregistered bikes onto the road.

    Where's the justification?

    Well they do want to tax us for walking up the street don't they.
  4. They should be rewarding motorcyclists for using less resources and killing fewer people other than themselves, not punishing them.

    Typical politicians, I hope they all get cancer and die.
  5. Depressingly, I can see where they're coming from (assuming those figures aren't BS).
  6. Not that I agree with the levy at all, but as the smaller bikes have been given a smaller fee increase, they are rewarding motorcyclists for using less resources (as opposed to getting a 600cc plus bike which may use fuel at a rate almost comparable to a small car). Well, penalising them less at least.

    Worrying that they are comparing the money spent on injury rehab vs money directly taken - 'spose they should add a fee for rugby players, the morbidly obese, those who choose to ride horses - all those things that I don't do - after all I don't want to pay for their irresponsible decisions. :rolleyes:

    Also interesting that the fine for driving an unregistered vehicle is only $200 - I'm sure there are plenty of people for whom $745 is a big enough fee to risk it.

  7. This sums up my views:

  8. And the stats behind the whole thing appear to be very dodgy...

    New Zealand

    Crash figures are being wrongly used to back large ACC levy increases for motorcyclists, a leading researcher says.

    Lincoln University Associate Professor Charles Lamb, who heads the Australasian Institute of Motorcycle Studies project, said ACC and minister Nick Smith were basing the proposed increases on poor facts.

    ACC wants to increase annual motorcycle levies by hundreds of dollars, with owners of machines over 601cc facing a massive rise from $252 to $745.

    ACC said riders were 16 per cent more likely than other road users to be involved in a crash.

    It paid $62 million in motorcyclists' claims last year, while receiving only $12m in levies from users.

    Submissions on the levy proposal close on November 10.

    Lamb said analysis of Ministry of Transport crash data showed 67 per cent of motorcycle accidents involved other drivers, and 60 per cent of those crashes were caused by the other driver.

    He said ACC also wrongly loaded higher levy increases on to motorcycles with engines over 600cc.

    Lamb said 43 per cent of the 420 accidents – studied last year – between motorcycles and other vehicles in Auckland and Canterbury did not have the bike's engine size on the police accident report. The most common engine size in the remaining 57 per cent of crash reports was 250cc, which lent no weight to charging higher levies on bigger machines, he said.

    Smith said even if cars caused all accidents between vehicles and motorcycles, the cost of other motorcycle accidents exceeded the proposed levy.

    Lamb said last year there were 1475 motorcycle accidents in New Zealand and 50 deaths.

    By comparison, 36 cyclists died in 1170 bicycle accidents but the cycling community paid no levies.

    Lamb said ACC figures also included injury crashes involving unregistered, offroad motorcycles and farm bikes.

    Original article

  9. Niiiiiice.

    Also for the record, I find that them raising the levy "less" as a reward for riding lower-capacity bikes is like saying that it's better to be sodomized with a broom than a cricket bat. Nobody is going to argue it's untrue, but that doesn't mean you want to have either of them happen.
  10. I never said I agree with it (in fact, I said I didn't), just that the 'encouraging the use of less resources' argument was moot.

    To hear that the statistics were cooked is no surprise - when are road statistics ever looked at in a scientifically valid manner (except in the rebuttal of govt. proposals)?
  11. Which end of the broom are we talking?

    But really... I was thinking about buying a motorbike in NZ and flying over and doing tours around the islands. I work in the airline industry and have family in NZ so it would have been cheap.

    I guess not...