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N/A | National [NZ] NZ gets the levy! And a VMAC equivalent.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Hot off the wires, NewZealand gets the motorcycle levy, $30 per rego. And they also have a motorcycle advisory council similar to Victoria's VMAC called the Motorcycle Safety Levy Advisory Council which is funded by the levy.

    Apparently bikers protested the levy, but I didn't hear anything about that in my travels.

    Some relevant media links on the levy topic:




  2. Great, another council.
    From the TVNZ link:
    How about forget about the damn signage and remove the bloody hazards. Our roads must be some of the worst in the developed world by design and quality. (wire rope barriers, no or negative cambers, tar snakes galore, patchwork paradise, bad surfacing, no sweeping excess stones after resurfacing, lamp poles on the outside of corners, etc. etc.)
  3. Your levy will start to fix those things... interestingly, it will improve the safety of all road users on those roads... but it's the riders that will pay for the treatments.

    Mind you, $2m a year doesn't buy a lot of road works.

    If the VMAC site is still up, you'll be able to download a spreadsheet of road works conducted with our levy money, and the costs.
  4. They were over here last year to meet VMAC people - the Minister Nic Smith and advisors, along with rider reps from BRONZ (Bikers Rights of NZ) , Motorcycling NZ and Ulysses to discuss the levy and how it should be spent. Interesting that they took some of the advice from riders seriously and appear to have majority rider representation.
  5. They based the (significant) levy increases on cc's alone. There's a lot of disgruntlement from the fact that the likes of 50cc scooters pay next to nothing (also don't require a mc licence), yet every man and his dog seems to be zipping around on one over here in shorts and jandals (just wearing the minimum required helmet).

    Similarly, with the increase popularity in dirtbiking and quadding , as well as farm quads, that are (unfortunatly) having their share of accidents, without paying any ACC levies.

    It has also pissed off a lot of riders with more than one bike (of which there are a fair few) as you pay per bike, regardless of the fact that you can only ride one at a time.
  6. Our levy helped fix the black spur and now they lowered the limit, made it impossible to pass and police the fuk out of us, yep our levy at work.
  7. Another media release on the levy and council - also showing who is on the council.

    = = = = = = = = =


    New motorcycle safety initiative announced
    $2 million a year from ACC levies is to be invested in improved motorcycle safety initiatives from a newly formed Advisory Council led by Dr Gareth Morgan, ACC Minister Nick Smith announced today.

    (Media-Newswire.com) - $2 million a year from ACC levies is to be invested in improved motorcycle safety initiatives from a newly formed Advisory Council led by Dr Gareth Morgan, ACC Minister Nick Smith announced today.

    “This new initiative is about the Government working with motorcyclists to improve safety, save lives and reduce the costs of accidents,” Dr Smith said.

    The Motorcycle Safety Levy Advisory Council members appointed are:

    Gareth Morgan, Chairperson
    Paul Searancke, Deputy Chairperson ( Commissioner: Recreation/Leisure of Motorcycling New Zealand )
    Peter McIntosh ( President Ulysses Club of NZ Inc )
    Yvonne Forrest ( Representative of Women’s International Motorcycle Association )
    Bill Grice ( former Chairman of the Motor Industry Association Motorcycle Division )
    Brent Hutchison ( President of Wellington branch of Bikers Rights Organisation of NZ )
    Jess Corbett ( Representative of Scoot NZ and the NZ Classic Scooter Club )

    The Council, which has its inaugural meeting today with Dr Smith, is to be supported by Police, Ministry of Transport and ACC staff and funded from the $30 per year Motorcycle Safety Levy. All levy funds are dedicated to programmes and projects with administrative costs being met by ACC.

    It follows the announcement by Transport Minister Steven Joyce in September last year that the Government is moving to tackle the growing issue of motorcycle and moped safety, including strengthening license tests.

    “We need Government agencies and motorcycle organisations working together to reverse the ugly and deadly trend over the past decade in motorcycle accidents,” Dr Smith said.

    Recent statistics include:

    50 New Zealanders died in motorcycle accidents in 2010, up from 30 in 2000
    66% increase in motorcycle road toll compares to 24% decrease in overall road toll since 2000
    Motorcyclists make up 3% of registered vehicles but 13% of fatalities
    ACC motorcycle claims have risen from 1072 in 2000 to 4110 in 2010

    Year: Total Road Toll: Motorcycle Fatalities:
    2000 462 30
    2001 455 34
    2002 405 30
    2003 461 28
    2004 435 35
    2005 405 38
    2006 393 39
    2007 421 41
    2008 366 51
    2009 385 48
    2010 374 50

    “Motorcycling is an efficient means of transportation and a popular recreational pursuit but a fatality a week is unacceptable. Motorcyclists are going to need to be more safety conscious, but other road users and road designers are also going to have to change to reduce the motorcycle road toll,” Dr Smith said.

    “This initiative is based on international best practise, particularly Victoria, Australia where motorcycle fatalities and serious injuries have reduced by 20% since 2002 when the state government there introduced a specific motorcycle safety levy programme and Council. If we could achieve likewise, it would save 10 motorcycle fatalities per year.

    “I visited the Victoria programme last year with New Zealand motorcycle organisations and learned how investments in motorcycle training, road design improvements, signage and general road user education have made a real difference to safety.

    “I want to acknowledge and thank the motorcycle clubs for their constructive engagement in getting the Council established. Dr Gareth Morgan brings strong economic and management expertise as well as a passion for recreational motorcycling and I thank him for taking on the role as Chair. The goal has to be to maximise the safety gains from this $2 million a year investment.”

    = = = = = =
    Note the reference to Victoria - formatted for highlighting.
  8. Most probably O/T, but why is there a gender based rep on the council? Aren't we all motorcyclists?

    Interesting the road toll, vehicles' stats going down and bikes going up.
    Isn't this to be expected when the price of petrol has been going through the roof the past few years?
    Less vehicle travel and more motorcycles/scooters on the road?

    I'd like to see a number of registered bikes per year on the road vs the accident stats of registered bikes.

    There has clearly been a significant amount people getting out of or even selling their cars and buying a scooter (hence my "every man and his dog is riding a scooter" comment earlier). With the price of petrol basically at NZ$2/L for 91, we have a lot of people that aren't what I'd call motorcyclists or maybe more accurately, not passionate about riding, but simply see 2 wheels as a means of getting from A to B and have no interest in recreational riding, etc.
  9. That's right Farab, the numpties come out, stats go up and the bureaucrats start to worry.

    The better roads part though is worth getting. It's a pity that riders have to pay for it when all road users benefit.
  10. FWIW (and slight hijack), what is the current state of play re VMAC? I recall it was to be canned (I think)? Way behind play I know.
  11. There was a review of all advisory bodies. The rumours about the imminent demise of VMAC are coming from one person only (the usual suspect).

    VMAC is continuing in its current form at present and we may have a better idea of what the new government is doing after the next meeting in March. At this stage there doesn't seem to be any specific recommendations. Don't forget that VMAC was a creation of the kennett government and is not seen as being politically "tainted".
  12. Ah I see. (I took it you meant Browntrousers?)

    Well that's something. We may not love everyone with a seat on VMAC, but by virtue of it's existence we get to see exactly what advice the Minister is receiving.
  13. Aaaaaaand the danger of what can happen to a levy (of sorts) without a non partisan council overseeing it can be seen with what's happening in Omaha due to budget issues: http://www.omaha.com/article/20110126/NEWS01/701269926/209

    Money from riders that was put aside to subsidise training, is now going to go into the highways fund and general operating revenue for the roads department.
  14. One of the issues that I've often complained about is that the levy was supposed to be for additional safety projects. As it turns out, it's now virtually the only money spent on motorcycling by VicRoads.

    While they don't actually nick it for non-motorcycling works, it's no longer just for additional projects to the normal funding. In fact it seems to have replaced the normal motorcycle budget.

    I probably should comment a little more on VMAC. While I don't see VMAC as being dumped, there will be changes of some kind (there would have been even if the previous government had stayed in).

    By the way, we now have a new Ulysses rep -on VMAC. Stuart Strickland (former MD of Honda MPE) is back. Excellent news as Stuart brings a lot of skill and experience with him and is very well respected (and he's also a nice guy).
  15. +1 Stuart is a top bloke.

    VMAC's demise is rumored because the Libs have a policy to create the MAG (motorcycle advisory group) and we don't know what that intrinsically means, or what the creation of the group means for VMAC.