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N/A | National [NZ] New Zealand toes UN's VZ agenda and is set to toughen up road laws.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, May 11, 2011.

  1. As part of the UN's decade of action on road safety, i.e., Vision Zero, New Zealand is moving to toughen up a whole bunch of road laws. Interestingly, there'll be a focus on demerit points rather than fines. As part of the process, they'll be toughening up motorcycle licensing and testing as well.

    I don't have a full picture, just the article below, but the relevance of the UN's VZ agenda should not go unnoticed by anyone thinking this is a European thing!

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    More speeding demerit points part of new safety measures

    10:41 AM Wednesday May 11, 2011

    Photo / NZ Herald

    The Government is looking at a swathe of changes to improve road safety including tougher motorcycle testing and more demerit points rather than fines for speeding.

    Transport Minister Steven Joyce this morning released the Safer Journeys Action Plan 2011-12 at the global launch of the United Nations' Decade of Action for Road Safety.

    Mr Joyce said the plan continued the approach set out in the Safer Journeys strategy. "This is an across the board approach to road safety which means we're looking at all aspects of the roading system - road users, roads, vehicles and speed."

    The plan includes:
    * Investigating maximum time limits for learner and restricted licences.
    * strengthening motorcycle licence testing.
    * researching the impact of drivers under the influence of drugs and ways to combat drug-impaired drivers.
    * further safety improvements on high risk roads.
    * rebalancing speeding penalties in favour of demerit points, rather than fines.
    * encouraging the use of child restraints.

    The plan also seeks to implement changes passed by Parliament including a tougher restricted licence test, increased minimum driving age and a zero blood alcohol limit for youth. It seeks also to implement measures passed to target high risk drivers around using alcohol interlocks and a zero blood alcohol limit for repeat drink drivers.

    "Research and experience tells us that progressing these actions and implementing the legislation passed last week over the next two years can add to the improvements we've already made and help reduce New Zealand's road toll," Mr Joyce said.

    - NZPA
  2. More like the global launch of the United Nations' Decade of Employment and Revenue for the Road Safety Industry.

    Looks like more people will be leaving New Zealand.
  3. Current NZ penalties

    What's the infringement fee for...
    Not wearing a seatbelt $150
    Going through a red or amber light $150
    Not having your driver's licence with you $55
    Not holding a current driver's licence $400
    Breaching a condition of your licence
    (also incurs 25 demerit points) $400
    No current warrant of fitness $200
    No current registration $200
    Not having an up to date Road User Charges Distance Licence three times the cost of the missing licence

    What is the scale of demerit points for traffic infringements?
    1-10 km/h 10 demerit points
    11-20 km/h 20 demerit points
    21-30 km/h 35 demerit points
    31-35 km/h 40 demerit points
    36 km/h and above 50 demerit points
    If you get 100 or more demerit points within 2 years, you will be suspended from driving for 3 months.

    There are no demerit points for speed camera tickets.
  4. edit: eh, the bit i pointed out was on the bottom of the demerit list. :p.

    Meh, losing more demerits... isnt that a bit of a backward step?
  5. New Zealand must be suffering a revenue shortfall
  6. I put it to you that this is actually driven by the EU's (not UN) push for world domination.
  7. +1 Getting just like Aussie here now with regard to road policing / revenue gathering. Ruthless and aggressive. Its not a case of police spotting dangerous driving and doing something about it, but rather actively hunting down "speedsters", etc., in nice, safe, cosy suburbs in unmarked cars. They now seem to have just as many unmarked cars for traffic use as marked cars. Yet they take 24 hours to turn up when my neigbours had just been burgled (no money to be made in that, you see). Then they wonder why they don't get much respect from the public.

    Well, we are borrowing $250 million a week, so yep, they are definately looking for ways to tax us even more.

    What bugs me the most is that they had some idiot from the AA on TV this morning, basically toeing the line and praising the programme. It was/is so damn transparent that they are in bed with the powers that be. If it wasn't for my wife and young daughter potentially needing roadside assistance whilst I'm out of the country, on occasion, I'd cancel my AA membership. Wasn't the AA originally founded waaay back to warn motorists of speed traps, etc?
  8. Between the EU, UN and WHO, this road beiging agenda is global.

    Thanks for the info TonyE.
  9. Nuke Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg.
  10. A lot of people in europe would probably love this idea hehe
  11. They're a bigger threat to us than Afghanistan or Iraq…
  12. Im actually quite pro european for a pom... Big fan of the idea of a european superstate. Just not in it's current overly bureaucratic and corrupt state.
  13. It shall never be anything else. As long as governments continue to pass laws that limit people from doing anything that doesn't impinge upon the life, liberty or property of another person, they will continue to hold power over the people. As long as they hold power over the people, they will abuse it. As long as they can abuse it, it cannot be taken from them easily.
  14. No need to worry about Europe as the eu is showing signs of falling apart. Greeks are already talking about a possible exit. The eu is also in deep shit now that the euro is very expensive compared to the US dollar. It should become very difficult for the safety bureaucracy to acquire funding.