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N/A | National NZ gets a tightened up Motorcycle GLS

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Looks like the recon work the NZ motorcycling crowd did recently has been converted into a new Motorcycle GLS, and lo and behold if it doesn't look a lot like the one Vicroads is proposing for Victoria, with a shandi of NSW's motorcycle GLS thrown in.

    There's an article about it here: http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/changes-ahead-motorbike-licences-4379168 which links to the official government page at the bottom.

    FYI: There's no supervised riding or hi viz - so they've left that brain dead stuff for us Victorians.

    NZ are moving to the Vicroads model that all novice riders are mandatorily LAMS restricted for a longer period of time despite previous driving experience or age. In the Vicroads model that period is potentially 3 years on Provisional plates. In NZ the period will be 18 months.

    I don't agree with the extended mandatory LAMS restriction. I can maybe see the purpose of the restriction for a hormone flooded young buck or buckette, but learners now are typically older and wiser heads (the average learner age is 30 something).

    One really good feature of the NZ version though is that you can shorten the restriction period if you do finish the compulsory competency based training sooner... you could be off the LAMS bike in 12months.

    I like the shortening idea and hope it gets implemented here. If the revised GLS is based on building better riders out of the box through better training, then why should they be arbitrarily restricted to a LAMS bike if they complete the training.

    The proposed NZ GLS has a strong focus on COMPETENCY training rather than just skills training - I'll be interested to see how they manage that.

    Oh and get this... currently L platers are restricted to 70 km/h. Once the GLS changes come through, they will be allowed to ride at the speed limit. Seems like they've cottoned on that speed differential is a killer... hello?! NSW?! Are you listening??
  2. TBH as a 19 year old male I don't really have a problem with a GLS, just the lengths of time in NSW seem to be stuck on for no particular reason. I personally think 18 months is about the right length. The early upgrade at 12 months is a great idea too though. No point restricting those who don't need to be.
  3. NZ has a history of injecting some sense into their licensing programs. Last I heard they had a 3 or 4 stage system for car licenses, but each stage could be shortened by completing certain programs (satisfactorily).
  4. They might have some sense but their programs are extremely expensive. It costs a few hundred dollars just to get your learner car license, and to do the P's test equivalent its about the same per attempt.
  5. kind of irrelevant if you live in NZ. the place only has like 2 police cars, based in the capitol, Wellington.
    dose'nt really matter what the laws are in this case, because no-ones going to enforce them. do you really want to pull over 100 big black fuglies and go through their group try and figure out who's supposed to be on their L's.
    and even if they were compliant, they be way too stoned to answer your questions
  6. That's nothing compared to the cost of getting your licence in Europe or Japan though.